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I guess this is how these things start, huh? by maria b.
February 21, 2009, 9:29 pm
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so. i need to apologize to my HLM (hetero life-mate) first thing because we have started this blog together, and i have sullied it with this epic fail of an opening post. i am doing it with her blessing, but it’s not the opening blog post she or i hoped for (that thought is, as of yet, unarticulated by either of us, but I’m certain it’s true.) 

i say that because i am doing this post on a Saturday night. because i have nothing better to do. is that fitting the stereotype of the blogger everyone pictures? i.e. unshowered for several days, in sweatpants, sitting at home alone on a weekend with their cats, leftovers, a bag of cheetos and comedy central because they don’t have a girl(or boy)friend? i’d like to add that i am neither confirming or denying that any of those things are true about me presently.

i’m also very sorry that while i have strong opinions on a number of topics, i don’t feel i have anything terribly pressing to say at the moment. is this that subversive narcissism that irks me about blogs in general? consciously, i like to think that i have no illusions that anybody cares enough about my informed opinions, random thoughts or knee-jerk reactions to seek them out on the internet. on the other hand, the idea that somebody thinks our writing is clever or interesting enough to take the time to read it is really charming. 

i confess that i am not well-versed in the inner-workings and technicalities of blogging. i don’t know the jargon or etiquette. so i welcome any constructive feedback.

i don’t know about my beloved HLM, but i have no goals for our humble blog. my impression is that it is going to be a place where we can link some of our favorite pages, pictures and videos for each other and whoever might be (un)fortunate enough to blunder into our site.

finally, i am sorry because i don’t feel that this (hopefully) relatively tame blog entry does/will do justice to the salty, snarky, sarcastic, cynical, sardonic, sometimes angry, perhaps judgmental, maybe condescending, mostly (?) intelligent, (what we intend to be) humorous entries that we will do. let this be the worst entry in our blog!

now i’m going to go watch Chris Rock on comedy central. with my cats.

epilogue: in my experience, Chris Rock is right. that must be why so many girls get fat when they have boyfriends. i was.


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