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House of Dereon Lingerie–Go. by maria b.
February 24, 2009, 8:09 am
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i think -Z- should do a post about her Dereon. there, i said it. and yes, that is a real ad. but just to clarify, she won’t be posting about the kids’ line. she’ll be posting about her skivvies. but that ad makes me wonder what a Sean John ad for a kids’ line would look like… is there a SJ kids’ line? side note: the heels on that little girl creep me out. even in those disturbing beauty pageants so beloved by those in the South, those little monsters wear mary-janes instead of fuck-me pumps. christ.

UPDATED! the SJ ads are worse than i would have thought, but somehow the images aren’t as scary as i thought they would be. the scarier thing is that there are kids AND their morAN parents who think these are cool ideals and realistic aspirations for pre-pubescent kids. where do they FIND these people? oh, wait. they’re made.








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“Dereon – Whores in training”

If this is a real ad, I weep buckets for our nation’s future.

Comment by swandiver

another question: how do people conceive of these ad campaigns with the intention that they be taken seriously? and how do people participate in them with a straight face? like the stylist for the shoot goes, “wait! hold it! i gotta step in here and yank this stocking cap up so it’s sitting up higher on this girl’s head. and this hot pink feather boa is too sophisticated to be worn without a leopard print hat.”

Comment by masakosan

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