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bienvenidos a JB. ~.m. by maria b.
March 1, 2009, 9:27 pm
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we just added jig burn as a new author. he might add some interesting insight. more likely, he’ll add some funny links or videos. but most likely of all he’ll post a few boring anecdotes and bitch about stuff, then forget about our blog. that video up there is for him.

so about this video: Morrissey. last night i was involved in a conversation about Morrissey. jb loves him, as does our friend Mikey. some others of us are of the opposite opinion. we hate him. we hate his guts. as the conversation escalated towards an argument, the situation was diffused by one person’s observation: “Morrissey’s like cilantro–you either love him or hate him.”

i love cilantro. i HATE Morrissey. i don’t know how anyone can hate cilantro. or like Morrissey.


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thank you for that warm backhanded intro.

and i love cilantro AND morrissey.
the hair. oh the hair.

Comment by jig burn

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