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Golden Girls vs. SATC by -Z- by -Z-
March 1, 2009, 9:02 pm
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Thank you for being a friend!

Thank you for being a friend!


Hate Charlotte's Eyebrows. Hate.

Hate Charlotte's Eyebrows. Hate.

Golden Girls vs. SATC

First of all, I’m pretty sure the Golden Girls in their hey-dey would have beat the tar out of the SATC girls.  How come chicks these days are always trying to figure out in their girl groups who is who compared to the Samanthas, Carries, Charlottes, and Mirandas?  Well, from now on, I’m only having that conversation with my female friends in regards to Dorothys, Blanches, Roses, and Sophias.  Which Golden Girl would I be? What about .m.??  


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i can.t stand the red-haired one.
she.s just awful.

and i love morrissey.

Comment by jig burn

in high school, me and a few friends had this conversation. i was Dorothy. i think that still holds true. i’m kind of sad my Golden Girls status hasn’t changed. -Z- would be Blanche. for sure. except she’s not from the South, she’s from far away lands. but she shags like a minx.

Comment by masakosan

I’m not sure which you want to be, but I know which one you DON’T want to be…

Dorothy is trifling.

Comment by Earl the Butcher

you’d better watch it with that shit-talking Dorothy business, motherfucker.

Comment by masakosan

that was hilarious. i’d also like to make it clear that i am not that ex-roommate.

and EtB misused “trifling,” so he’s still an idiot in my book. Dorothy did not trifle.

Comment by masakosan

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