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“Yes You Should” by jig burn

come on black people [and all you other minorities], “Yes We Can!” is done and now “Yes You Should!”  

lest we forget, you people have positive counterparts that ought to be your modeling figures.  

Barack Obama (duh)

Barack Obama (duh)


the Huxtables ( just like a normal family!!)

the Huxtables ( just like a normal family!!)

Condoleezza Rice (Black AND a woman!?!?!?!)

Condoleezza Rice (Black AND a woman!?!?!?!)


Keenan and Kel (two sweet black kids that aren.t into shooting people)

Keenan and Kel (two sweet black kids that aren.t into shooting people)


Jackie Chan (he.s charming yet asexual)

Jackie Chan (he.s charming yet asexual)


Lucy Liu (exotic and talented)

Lucy Liu (exotic and talented)


Che Guevara (i have like three of his shirts)

Che Guevara (i have like three of his shirts)


Ronaldinho football jersey (not soccer. REAL football.)

Ronaldinho football jersey (not soccer. REAL football. not soccer)

i swear i.m not racist.  in fact, we live in a post racist society don.t you think?  i mean our President is BLACK and i voted for him.  wait are you people saying “African-American” still? or is it back to “Black”?  See how conscious and p.c. i am?  i know that Mexicans don.t like being called Puerto Ricans. worked with plenty of them.  in high school, while waiting tables, they.d be in kitchens sweating their asses off.  they wash dishes better and faster than a dishwasher.  such hard workers. i don.t know how they do it with all their kids.  i respect them for their work ethic indeed.  oh you also gotta be real careful to not call a Korean person Chinese btw.  they get pisssssed.

they look like this when you say it.

they look like this when you say it. (just kidding)

luckily, learned some phrases that i can say to them like “konnichiwa” and “arigato”.  they love it when i pronounce it so well…especially their women.  but i digress.  

returning to my point…i feel that it.s unfortunate that there aren.t more positive minority figures like above mentioned.  all of you complain all the time about stereotypes being misappropriated, but why are they always true? why is it that rappers are always getting shot?  and bragging about drugs, money and “hoes” on their records?  stop saying you are all disenfranchised and discriminated against.  you don.t have to be an athlete, but don.t be a criminal.  i know a few black people that feel the same way as i do, so it.s absurd to even consider me a bigot.  why is our prison population overflowing with blacks and latinos if you guys aren.t rapists, thieves, murderers?  why can.t you be like asians?  they come here with nothing, keep their noses clean and just work hard.  just look at UC-Berkeley!  affirmative action actually disadvantages them!  and i have nothing against mexicans immigrating illegally.  but maybe if you spent some time learning english you could get better jobs than bussing tables, washing dishes, or picking oranges for pennies.  this is America!!  you just need to play the game and you can be successful.  quit complaining and do something about it!  “Yes You Should!!!”

you all take the easy way out and demonize white people for your misfortunes, but i can understand where coming from and i don.t take it personally.  however my observation is that you all need to spend more time assimilating and defying these supposedly false stereotypes.  i would consider myself colorblind.  and the only reason why people think i.m racist is because i am white and speak the truth bluntly.


what.s posted above is a potpourri of shit heard for a long while…and given the light of our recent historical election, been hearing it frequently.  i am a lifelong student of race relations, possibly because i am part of the minority population, because it has always hit me sideways.  while many white folks would dispute the exactness of what.s up there [and consider it a generalization because it absolutely is…a truncation of a “type” of people], most responses to these situations is surfaced through defensiveness.  and that shit means you ain.t tryna hear what i.m spittin at you.  i feel that talks of race and racism is such an unfair platform from the jump because everyone wants their point to be the valid one.  however, what.s continually the despair is that whenever it comes back around to white, it.s frequently nullified through denial and false rationalization [this applies to all issues outside of race…gender, sexuality, Britney fucking Spears].

have i demonized white folks? hell yes.  

do i think white people are the devil? of course not.

i think another part of why there.s so much static is because there.s always a “us versus them” dynamic in our heads.  i think a big problem with how we deal with issues of race and gender or any inequality is that we wanna essentialize the fuck out of it.  it.s a lot easier that way, ain.t it?

black men are beasts and thugs.

white women are the par of beauty.

asian women are the exoticized.

asian men are emasculated.

latino women have the curvasious dimensions.

latino men are good at soccer.

gay people will burn in hell.

transgender people have daddy/mommy issues.

to know what.s predictable is safe.  but what.s safe is bullshit.  furthermore, this ain.t a piece about how just white people need to come correct with their views and perceptions, but about how we all need to be conscious people.  we all are so well rehearsed in “clutching our purses if…” or “cross the street when…” that it.s passive and later we deny it [or want to deny].  so many people spit such progressive dialogue, but it.s too often that it.s used as a crutch to avoid dealing with true feelings/perceptions.  cut that shit out.  own your shit. examine it. and change what you don.t like even tho you can.t help it sometimes…or at least try.  and if reading this shit and shaking your head no…well shit, entitled to have yours.




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