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.m. has the best finishing move ever. I laughed for hours last night when we talked on the phone about it.  Here’s mine after the *more* button!

Kali Maaaa! Kali Maaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Kali Maaaa! Kali Maaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Remember how the evil guy in Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Rips the guy in the cage’s heart out? And then nearly does it to Indy?  Well, that would be MY finishing move.  Except I would pull out a less vital organ, so they would live longer and I could shout “Kaaalii Maaaaa!!!!’ for at least a good 30 minutes more.  Like…a liver. Oh look….he’s finally starting to jaundice…maybe he’ll die soon. I really would like to make my kid’s ballet recital.

Me in the background: “KAAAALLLLIIIIII MAAAAAA!!!!”


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We Need Kale Ma Video

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