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Anyone Catch The Real World Last Night?

She's been struggling to be her true self her entire life.

I got on Real World and my Mom took me shopping!

"I got on Real World and my Mom took me shopping!"

So .m. and I don’t usually watch Real World, but we had both seen commercials about this particular episode, and decided to watch it last night.  Thoughts (and rage!) after the jump.

The basic scoop is as follows:

Katelyn is a post-op trans woman. She’s calm, collected, and cool. Clearly wise beyond her years, as she’s been through a lot, and pulled through magnificently.  During her time at the Real World house she’s putting together an online community that links the transgendered community.  She very eloquently describes (to the douchebag, Chet) that all her life she hasn’t belonged to the “straight” community or the “gay” community and that she hopes to help people in the transsexual community have it easier than she did.

Chet is from Utah. He aspires to be a Celebrity.  He’s a conservative virgin who knows he’s gonna “make it” in New York. He wears a hat that says “CHET.”  His mom tells him on the phone that he needs to finish college (one year left), but celebrities don’t need to finish college. Gaaawwwddd, Mom!

So, our rage ensues when Chet and Katelyn are having a conversation about her identity, operation, etc.  They’re talking and she describes that she has medical “dilation” supplies, which maintain the procedure (that she paid BANK for).  Blah blah blah…conversation over, right? WRONG!

Chet won’t shut the hell up about it. He’s turning a medical necessity into a perversion. He keeps harrassing her about WHERE she keeps her stuff, how he’s going to use them to prank other people, har har har.  When she finally calls him out on it, he gets pissy. 

So the rest of the episode focuses primarily on Chet going to this interview with MTV.  He bitches and moans about what he’s going to wear, as opposed to what he’s going to say at his interview.  It’s like he googled “hipster + New York + Fashion” and bought whatever he saw. 

.m. said it best last night: “Two years ago he was wearing cargo shorts and shell-toed Adidas.”

So, he goes to the interview (decides to be edgy and talk about a Lionel Richie (??) song), BOMBS, and then blames his shitteous skills on a.) the women interviewing him, and b.) his chapped lips.

This guy sucks major balls. Thoughts? Chet, maybe you’ll find our blog while googling “Chet + Real World + Fashion Icon/Celebrity+ Douchebag” and can weigh in.


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