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Man, it must suck to be a priest. ~.m. by maria b.
March 9, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Woohoo! Happy birthday, fath....zzzzzzz......



i'm sure there's a perfect Far Side cartoon caption for this image.



so, i was at the local Best Buy this evening, and whilst examining the selection of iPod armband holder-thingies, i glanced up towards the computer games section of the store (who plays computer games anymore? the last one i played was King’s Quest VII) and saw a lone man in a black coat. he turned towards me and i saw his white priest collar. my gut reaction to this visual was feeling incredibly sorry for this guy. he was a youngish man, probably around 30, and not ugly. how sad that he’s wasting hours, years probably, of his life playing old computer games and convincing horribly mismatched middle-aged couples not to divorce. i wonder what game he was getting. do they make Catholic/Christian computer games? i suppose the Christian corporation is just getting to the groovy younger generation and designing some really rad computer games about turning water into wine, er, grape juice, and playing “7 minutes in heaven” without ruining your chance of REALLY making it there in the afterlife. oh, and surviving the End of Days. that’s a popular theme.


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