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UPDATE: the CNBC anchors are a bunch of bloviating asshats. ~.m. by maria b.

Jim Cramer

i wish i had a job where i could just say whatever i wanted and get paid loads of money. it would be like this blog, where i say whatever comes to my mind, however ridiculous, except i would get millions of dollars for it, and people would think i was an expert on whatever i talked about.

 i really wish i could put The Daily Show‘s montages of CNBC and Jim Cramer market prediction mistakes disinformation wild guesses pulled out of his ass, but i can’t figure out how to embed the video. (if you know how tell me for chrissakes, i reeeeally want them here.) but they’re fantastically hilarious, so go here for the first one.. there was one on CNBC in general from the opening segment on March 4, and then the second one (from tonight) was focused on how much of a fucktard Jim Cramer is. Jon Stewart eviscerated Jim Cramer, and rightly so. time spent watching that channel would be time better spent calculating pi to its terminal decimal.

UPDATE: did i fix it and embed the clips? i think i suck. tell me if it worked, or if there are two useless boxes under here.


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Here’s how you embed video in your post on Basically replace the link he’s selecting from YouTube with the “Embed” link on any video site such as the one on and you should be good to go. See video below:

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