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i wanted to punch that woman in the face. ~.m. by maria b.

so, i was at a restaurant during lunch today, and i saw this old woman walk through the door. she was clearly frail–she had a cane and moved very slowly. she made her way toward the counter to order lunch, but before she could get there, two 30-40ish women swept in and strolled up to the counter without even glancing at the elderly woman. as they were looking over the menu, one woman said to the other woman, “I have to get something vegetarian, since it’s Lent. And I can’t have any chocolate for dessert, I gave that up for Lent.”

who the FUCK are these Christian hypocrites, going around talking about the sacrifices they make for their religion and quoting Bible verses in public, but when it comes to ACTUALLY being a good person, they forget it all?? jesus BALLS. it was all i could do not to cuss them out in front of everyone. those cheap bitches didn’t even tip. i saw.

so, Christians (if you are unfortunate to stumble upon this blog,) before you go around preaching about “do unto your neighbor as you would have done to you,” i’d keep in mind that Jesus would rather you eat chicken and help the elderly woman read the menu then be a prick and eat cheese pizza. asshole.

in the spirit of the post, i found a picture i thought was amusing:


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