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I blog, therefore I am… Narcissistic? ~.m. by maria b.


obviously, im not the first to think about this.

obviously, i'm not the first to think about this.

so. before we started this blog, i thought blogs were stupid, self-indulgent avenues for concieted, arrogant people who thought their opinions, feelings and thoughts were important enough to publish and warrant feedback. i still feel that way. before the internet, only particularly wealthy arrogant pricks thought it was worth the money to publish a book and have smoke blown up their asses. now, any broke-ass narcissist can do it.

this is an interesting thought process for me, because i am participating in an activity in which i deign to say i don’t believe. please let me make it clear: i really do not believe my posts are exceptional in any way: exceptionally funny, exceptionally clever, exceptionally insightful, exceptionally well-written. there are plenty of people writing online–both professionally and recreationally–who are smarter than me and better at this than i. i make salty, cynical judgments about people and situations in which i am not invested, i embed videos everybody has seen before, and otherwise talk out of my ass. everything i post, including this post, is about me–what i’ve seen, what i think, how i feel, what i have to say. in this very post, am i being a hypocrite? i think i am.


if i start reminding you of this horrible excuse for a person, please give me a very harsh dressing-down.

if i start reminding you of this horrible excuse for a person, please give me a very harsh dressing-down.

the inevitable question that follows is this: why am i blogging, then? well, mostly for myself. so i have a place to find things that i’ve thought or found particularly amusing or infuriating. BUT. in attempting to avoid (or at least diminish) the narcissism implicit in the act of blogging, am i, in fact, being more narcissistic because my blog is for ME? ugh.


arrogance (and really, anything in the arrogance family, i.e. narcissism, conceit, cockiness, pretense, egoism, smugness, haughtiness, etc.) is my pet peeve. it is my single biggest turn-off. i don’t care how brilliant/beautiful/accomplished/personable you are, if you exude any of those qualities i will have a problem with you. will this blog eventually lead to self-loathing? has it already? or will it desensitize me to what i hate most and turn me into what i most fear? has it already??


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What was that? Sorry, when I tried to read this post the physical embodiments of narcissism and hypocrisy started oozing down my computer screen.

Or maybe that was my peanut butter and jelly sandwich…

Comment by Zach

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