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Sharkbait Delights! by -Z- by -Z-
Looks like some good reads!

Looks like some good reads!

The New Yorker is featuring this book by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff.  It’s all on puurrrriood stories!  Woop! Neato!

The article touches on her favorite euphemisms for menstruation. Euphemisms! Them’s some prime Pinky Links territory right there!  My personal all-time faves:

1. Sharkbait– If my plane ever goes down, and I’ve got my period, you better believe I’m gonna be swimming after the asshole who had his elbow on my armrest the whole flight!

2. Pennies– because periods smell all metallic. Also, you can tell your homies how heavy your flow is in dollar amounts. (ie. “Ugh…I’ve got my pennies and it’s like $2.00 right now” or “My pennies is almost over! It’s like five cents worth!”)

I’m gonna be buying this book, unless one of you darlings buys it for me first (winky emoticon).

What’s your fave things about periods everybody?


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