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Fun to Read Blog? Besides Ours? Whaaa…? -Z- by -Z-
March 19, 2009, 8:15 pm
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This picture has nothing to do with the post. SLOTH!!

This picture has nothing to do with the post. SLOTH!!

Today, I chanced upon this guy Steven’s Blog.  And I can’t stop reading. I might go ahead and make an executive decision and Blog Roll him.  I’m still in the process of reading, though, so I’ll let you know. 

What Steven Wants in a Man is quite similar to What Z Wants in a Person. 

Thoughts? Agreement? Furious contention?


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Ooh, I love Steven’s blog! It’s the greatest. And don’t discount my opinions just because I happen to be Steven. I would still like Steven’s blog no matter who I was. (was? were?)

Comment by ioncehadpartedhair

oh but I should mention that the original did not have capitals; it was just “what steven wants in a man.”

Comment by ioncehadpartedhair

I like how this button tells me to “Say It!”
like I’m being tortured and they’re forcing a conviction out of me. Say It!

Comment by ioncehadpartedhair

i concur. Steven’s blog is quirky and funny, yet manages to be intelligent. not just relatively intelligent, but actually intelligent! i concur on the blogrolling. blogroll away! huzzah!

and this comment/blogroll recommendation was not affected by the fact that Steven commented on my post. i just like Steven. and his blog. i’m saying it!

Comment by masakosan

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