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i just don’t get it. efron looks like a girl. ~.m. by maria b.


this is the best photo of him ive ever seen. doesnt do much for me.

this is the best photo of him i've ever seen. doesn't do much for me.

i hate High School Musical. all 3 or 8 or 11 of them. whatever. no, i’ve never seen them, and i love musicals. but those productions are just overblown corporate marketing synergy projects aimed at the 8-18 girl demographic. they have no redeeming artistic value, the musical numbers suck goat nuts, the acting is abhorrent and they’re not creative at all. i could give a shit about any of the people involved in these despicable things.

but the Zac Efron phenomenon has taken on a life of its own. people LOVE this guy. they love him with an intensity and a fervor last seen with the advent of the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC. they have no idea what this guy’s really like because he’s purely a product of the Disney franchise, so what they know of him is what he looks like. and i’ll give them that, he’s a good-looking guy. but i could consider my life a success if i never saw his face again.

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Implants and Jesus are like Peas and Carrots by -Z- by -Z-
How are you in any way a representative of California? Besides your implants.

How are you in any way a representative of California? I mean, besides your implants.

-Z-: i just read in jezebel that miss california organization paid for that miss california’s breast implants
 that fucking bitch
 .m.: i know
  i almost blogged on it
  but it’s just bullshit
  who cares about that ho
 -Z-: i’m thinking about it
  you judgmental fuck….
  all your fucking “values”
 .m.: right
  would jesus get implants??
 -Z-: apparently don’t apply to ripping holes in your body and sticking foreign objects in you
 .m.: is there some spiritual aspect to getting/having implants that i don’t know about? do they get you closer to god?
 -Z-: maybe they have holy saline in them
 .m.: hahaha
 -Z-: role model my ass
 .m.: ugh
  now i want to blog on that shit
  but not enough to actually do it
 -Z-: lol i think i’m going to

i woulda throttled this stupid bitch. ~.m. by maria b.

this is just a notable example of bigots looking for any excuse to discredit the motives behind the LGBT community’s struggle for equal rights and equal consideration under the law. what this sorry excuse for a representative said is a bold-faced lie uttered toward a disgusting end: to derail a hate crimes bill that would protect gays and lesbians (i have not yet checked to see whether this bill protects transgendered people–many times, this group is excluded for expediency’s sake.)

morevoer, hearing people talk about LGBT folks as somehow manipulative, sick and inhuman makes me forget to use my words and gives me the urge to use my fists and heavy objects to inflict serious bodily harm. luckily for them, i recognize their right to be ignorant, bigoted, degenerate fucktards and to spew these disgusting, baseless ideas as protected here in Amurrikuh, so i don’t do that. i just blog about it.

it’s funny how those hypocrites take for grated simple rights they have as straight Americans, while other people are forced to lobby, protest and practically beg for these same things.

so get another divorce, whore. and don’t get caught cheating on your wife, dickhole. and don’t let your wife catch you molesting little boys, asswipe. people might take away your right to get married! oh, wait, no they won’t. you’re straight. (a more lighthearted video after the jump) Continue reading