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Dear .m., You Could Do Worse! -Z- by -Z-


And by worse, I DO mean Andrew Bogut.

And by worse, I DO mean Andrew Bogut.

.m. has terrible taste in guys (in my opinion).  She tends to like tall, gangly, hygiene-free looking guys with lots of greasy (shaggy?) hair.  She loves when they wear hats and sweatpants (and to her credit, the right shoes). 

We have agreed on maybe….2 guys? .m. correct me, please, if there are more. One was this guy we went to college with that I hooped with on occasion, and she had a class with. He rode his bike everywhere. He had been to Chile and was super fucking hot.  The other was a football player who we fantasized about putting in chaps (I know, so lame, but he had an ass you could bounce a quarter off of…) and banging on a grass mattress (give us a break we were like 20). 

I’m not going to brag about my taste. Traditionally, I’m attracted to classic good looks (.m. would say boring!). Bodies and not necessarily brains, as it were.  So long as they shut up and get the job done, I’ve been pretty content. 

Anyways, the reason for this post, is that HERE IS A WEBSITE where women document their sorry lays.  And it is HILARIOUS. So .m., while I’ve given you a hard time about your taste in men (and don’t plan on stopping), I love you, and you could do MUCH MUCH WORSE.


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man, i’d still bang Bogut. obscenely tall, shaggy hair, NZ accent… i’d do things to him. judge away.

Comment by masakosan

P.S. your last (4-year!) BF sucked balls. 😛 not literally, but euphamistically, in every other way. no judgment. my last dude did, too. and, admittedly, worse. love ya! [gum snap]

Comment by masakosan

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