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Gay Marriage Update by -Z- by -Z-

The Supreme Court in Iowa overturned a 1998 Gay Marriage ban.  Not only is this a huge step forward for equal rights, but it was also a unanimous vote, which warms my heart.

Click here for the NY Times article.


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It is nice that they overturned it. I’m concerned though that because it took the state’s Supreme Court to do this, it will not really be a step forward–I think the anti-gay-marriage people won’t shut up until it’s clear that a majority of CITIZENS support the decision. (Like Roe vs Wade…it has arguably made the “Culture Wars” drag on and on for decades.)

And also, how weird that this happened in IOWA! Is that not weird??? I think that’s weird.

Comment by ioncehadpartedhair

i think a huge part of the culture war on gay marriage has to do with the ambiguity (on both sides) regarding exactly whose definition of marriage they are trying to expand. if it’s the church’s definition, most liberals and gays aren’t concerning themselves with that antiquated, bigoted corporation. they/we are concerned with altering the LEGAL definition of marriage. so Bible-thumpers can take their misinterpreted quotes and lambasts about reproduction purposes and save them for when people care enough to change what the fucking CHURCH thinks about gay marriage. for now, they can bite their tongues and do the fucking Christian thing: wish the newlyweds love and luck in their lives together. [ptoo]

Comment by masakosan

good point about legal/biblical definitions. very true.

Comment by ioncehadpartedhair

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