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Tragedy. -Z- by -Z-
April 17, 2009, 10:51 am
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Rest in Peace.

 Colorado is prosecuting Allen Andrade under a hate-crime statute for the murder of Angie Zapata (pictured above).  Ms. Zapata, a transgendered individual, was brutally murdered with a fire hose by Andrade when he found out that she was transgendered.

Most disturbing, is that the defense is trying to play this shit off as a case about deception.  Right, because when people lie to me, I kill them.

Here’s the Times article

In the meantime, let’s hope the Zapata family can get some justice out of this ugliness. Rest in Peace, Angie.

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i just want to add emphasis on the fact that this case is a big deal, because, if the man is found guilty of a “hate crime” as legally defined, it would be the FIRST time a hate crime statute has been acknowledged to protect transgendered persons. that’s a hell of a precedent. a fucking awesome precedent.

it is extremely important NOT to let transgender people be left behind in today’s struggle for equal rights. many times they are overlooked, both deliberately and accidentally, by both sides of the issue.

what strikes me as especially sad is that transgender people’s way of life is just their best effort to live their lives (THEIR LIVES, not anyone else’s) as the person they know they are in their heads and hearts. why begrudge them an opportunity to live the way they feel they were meant to be? Angie clearly felt she was meant to be a woman, so she lived that way and simply wanted other people to see her as she saw herself: as a woman. it’s sad that she was killed because some bigoted jagoff refused to recognize her for what she worked so hard to be.

P.S. also, it would seem that Angie and the murdering bigot were sexually involved, and he killed her after finding out she wasn’t born a woman. but if he had to fuck around with her to find that out, why couldn’t he have spared her life and saved face and just ACCEPTED HER AS A WOMAN??? this fucktard deserves to live in a gulag for the rest of his miserable life.

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