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Shame. I Has It. by -Z- by -Z-

I would like to take a moment to make a formal apology to .m.  

She has been a devoted, wonderful, and very tolerant best vuddy* for the last six years or so.  We both have had our moments;  done stupid things, annoyed each other, and made some weak sauce choices.  

There is something I can’t forgive myself for, however.  When I was with my Crazy Ex Sybil**, I became PET NAME GIRL.  I didn’t initiate this behavior, it grew on me like toxic mold.  My ex was a pusher of baby talk and pet names.  Hhhh…writing this post has me throwing up a little in my mouth as I type, but it must be typed if I am ever to release some of this guilt.  

What I’m getting at, is that .m. withstood 4 years of “woobies” and “shuggies” and “boobies”.  When my ex talked about going to bed, he’d say “Let’s go sheebies.”  He used to talk about wanting to marry me (BARF…ohmigod I can’t believe I’m typing this…at least I never wanted to do THAT) and he would say “I’m gonna be your husby.”  

I need to end this post before I pass out. I’m feeling faint. The shame is overwhelming.

I’m sorry, .m.  I’m sorry, and thank you for not murdering me.  I would have understood if you had.  I was awful.  I need to go breathe into a paper bag now.

*vuddy=pet name me and .m. have for eachother….OH THE IRONY!!

** Sybil= the pet name we CURRENTLY have for my ex…IT NEVER ENDS!!! 


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