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my contributions to earth day 2009 by jig burn

i will smoke one less cigarette.

i only smoke when i drink...i swear

"i only smoke when i drink...i swear"

unlike this asshole who makes my people look like fools.



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My friend .. I think you don’t know what you talking .. he’s not an asshole he was .. trying to brake the world record of smoked cigars at a time .. this pic it’s like way over 8 years old ..

Ps .. document before you judge .. peace ..

Comment by Gentleman

ok, “Gentleman,” first off, don’t judge people until you can correctly use an ellipsis, put together a sentence, use punctuation correctly, differentiate between a cigarette and a cigar and recognize sarcasm.

if you don’t understand sarcasm, stay the fuck off our blog. don’t be a smart-ass, “my friend.” what the fuck are you doing commenting on a blog post that’s a month-and-a-half old, anyway? gedthafuggouttahere.

Comment by masakosan

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