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A Sad Kind of Closure. by -Z- by -Z-

 The verdict is in on the tragic death of Angela Zapata, a transgender woman brutally murdered by Allen Andrade.  Andrade has been convicted for first degree murder, and the determination is decreeing it a hate crime. 

The verdict brings a bittersweet ruling.  Angie Zapata, a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her had to die for the ruling.  Nothing is going to bring her back to her family, and no sentence is enough for the cruelty and hate inflicted by Andrade.  The language used in this case was so utterly disrespectful, from the defense referring to Zapata with the male name she was born with to the documentation of Andrade referring to her as “it”.  How do people become that hateful?  It’s so disturbing. 

Nevertheless, the ruling brings a proud moment for our court system, setting precedent for the acknowledgement of hate crimes against our transgendered community.  So tragic that Angie Zapata had to die for it.  Now, maybe we should be focusing on preventing these kinds of crimes from happening, with education and outreach.


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