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this is probably my biggest guilty pleasure. ever. ~.m. by maria b.


if it doesnt make you cry, you have no soul. i bet you kick puppies.

if it doesn't make you cry, you have no soul. i bet you kick puppies.

yep. The Notebook. i’m embarrassed to say it, but i really like this movie. i hate chick flicks with a burning passion fueled by a volatile combination of my feminist education and the condescension inherent in the writing, acting and production of those abominations of cinema. but The Notebook… well, The Notebook is totally different.

this movie is great for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the elderly people in it. (the gallows humor, the old-timey expressions of speech, the coke-bottle glasses and the waistbands that sit at the ribcage.)

the rapport and the banter between Noah and Allie is tolerable because it’s not totally sappy. yeah, there’s some sap, but they give each other shit and fight about stupid things, too. unlike the other chick flicks i’ve had to suffer through (even just the previews), it doesn’t make me want to drink bleach.

also, Ryan Gosling. holy fuck. delicious. i saw him in The Slaughter Rule and creamed over him. and seeing him in this movie wasn’t disappointing, either. his character is stoic without being in denial of what’s going on in his own head. AND, the muthafucka’s got some hot throwdown. dayum.

but the most aspect of the plot is that Allie, the female protagonist, isn’t some pathetic “damsel in distress,” playing the victim of circumstance and being passive in her own life while desperately hoping someone will pull her out of it. (i hate that that feminine ideal is the one so often presented in media aimed at women.) she’s smart, practical, strong-willed and ambitious.

but beyond these basic themes, i am still at a loss to explain exactly why i like this movie so much. also, i’m going to take this opportunity to bring -Z- down with me. she likes this movie, too. one night a few months ago, -Z- and i each bought the DVD and watched it at our respective apartments and texted each other while we did. i found some choice texts from her (i don’t have mine):

  • “I’d fuck him in front of MY dad.” (re: Ryan Gosling)
  • “I would live in a shack so long as he fucked my brains out 3 times a day.”
  • “And in the bathtub and in front of my fiancee. Bahaha!”
  • “We need to start frequenting coal mines and lumberyards.”
  • “When ur old as hell and senile I’ll scare the shit out of u too.” (re: when Allie freaks out after her moment of lucidity)
  • “And roll over to the window w u in my wheelchair. We can talk about fucking the orderlies.”

incidentally, i still agree with every one of those texts. i second them.

now, the thing that is wrong with this movie is the number of people that are OB.SESSED with it, and the lengths they go to express their LOOOOVE for this movie. case in point:

are. you. fucking. serious.

this is one of the many examples of girls’ infatuation with this movie that makes me embarrassed to share a gender with them. moreover, this has spurred a reaction to this overwhelming shared love–guys have discovered that a seemingly genuine “admission” to crying during this movie or even liking it can get them into most girls’ pants. so, unfortunately for the sincere ones, every time i hear a guy talk about how much he likes this movie, it turns me off and makes me embarrassed for him.

BUT. the biggest problem of all is that if any person did in real life the things that these characters do in the movie, i would say they were pathetic, had self-esteem problems and were desperate to have someone, anyone make them feel like they were “worth it.” i dunno. it’s lose-lose with me, i guess.


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ahahah I love how you’re writing it!
I just entered this page, and I don’t really get it! How come 3 persons are writing this blog? 🙂

I love “the notebook” too!

Comment by benediktek

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