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Tough Love…-Z- & .m. Edition by -Z- by -Z-


Tough Love
.m. and I have been watching this show.  This show is more or less about a dozen or so women, who are all looking for love.  Some Hollywood matchmaker (pictured above) has a “Tough Love” bootcamp, where he talks to the women about how to get men.  The women are all fucking nanners.  They found crazies from across the board.  Such as:
  • Girl Who Wants to Get Married NOW
  • Nearing 40 Woman Loves Career More Than Catering to Men
  • Crazy Gets Opinion On Men She Dates From Her Cats 
  • The Slut (of cooouurrssee)
  • The Loud One
  • The Drunk
  • The Gold Digger

More opinions and how .m. and I would be on Tough Love after the jump:

The show is super irritating.  It definitely portrays every negative stereotype women have encountered.  The bitches also deal with every problem they encounter by crying, which grates on our nerves like none other.  Most of what these idiots need is fucking COMMON SENSE.  The last thing they need is to bring their crazy into a RELATIONSHIP.  


The following…some of our live gchatting while watching tonight (my contextual editor’s notes are in green):


.m.: tough love is on!!
  gawd, these girls kill me
  soo funny
  they make me feel good about myself
-Z-: i know i’m watching it
  the whole premise of the show is stupid
.m.: ugh
  what if we were at a dinner party with ybt and lamps (ybt and lamps are nicknames for two of the most losery of our exes. On the show, some of the girls are forced to hang with their current beau and an ex) ?? 
 -Z-: ew
  i’d be fucking laughing
  and you and i would tear them to pieces
 .m.: fer sure
 -Z-: “hey douchebag…still blaming me for everything?” (.m.’s ex specifically blamed all of his personality issues on other people in his life)
 .m.: HA
 -Z-: “how’s your new woobie, loser?”
 .m.: same question for both of them
 i’m sure lamps has some significant male pattern baldness happening now
 in addition to the acne…? (.m.’s mom saw dude….face had exploded. We’ll call it karma.)
 -Z-: hehehehe
  “what’s with the bad skin, bro?”
 .m.: eeeeeee
-Z-: hahaha
 .m.: i wonder what he’s doing
 -Z-: i still want some fucking chips 
 .m.: haha
  salt and vinegar
 -Z-: this blond bitch
  trust fund baby
  wants to get married NOW
  the guy that LET HER GO is actually a keeper
 “you’re a grown woman i can’t tell you what to do”
 .m.: haha!
  he has a funny shaped head
  “GO PRAY” (After Wants To Get Married NOW girl cries and freaks out she runs to the bathroom to pray)
 -Z-: if i was dating some guy and he was like “i’m going on a dating show” i’d be like see you fucker
 .m.: right
  it’s just that whole thing about AGENCY IN YOUR OWN LIFE
 -Z-: “you were sposed to stop meeeee”
 .m.: essactly
  “oh my gawd! it’s the guyyyys! i’m 11 years old!”
 -Z-: blond girls makeup is terrible
 .m.: terrible
 “hey everybody! let’s all inject ourselves into this idiot’s relationships!” (all the other girls start interfering, telling the guys their take on the situation)
  this show makes me angry to be identified in the same category as these hoes
 -Z-: yuuuck
  you and i would be on that show going “uughh bitch shut uuuup”
  “-Z-. .m.. you aren’t being open to love”
 .m.: HAHA
 -Z-: fuuuuck who caaaarres
-Z-: omg
  man up bitch
 .m.: i’m so embarrassed for this stupid woman
 -Z-: “ahhm just gonna sit ovurr heere and freak out”
 “i’m gonna talk to these guys like its my business” (one of the girls starts interfering…..again)
 .m.: and that idiot is talking to both of them
 -Z-: blond bitch crying (always always always crying)
 .m.: hahahaha
 -Z-: she’s freaking out
  grow. the. fuck. up
 .m.: ugh. if that guy has any self-respect, he’ll break up with her and leave her with her ex, who should ditch her, too
 -Z-: “all ah needed was a hug”
 .m.: barf barf barf
  is his name really “valentino” or is he a porn star?
 -Z-: hahaha this girls getting wasted (one of the girls gets wasted, bc she has to hang with new guy and her ex…she can’t deal with it, so she gets taco’d. Again…where’s the fucking common sense?)
 .m.: these girls are so stupid
  “hi! i’m a college undergrad! i love fleischmann’s!”
 -Z-: i hate blond girls southern accent
  me too
 -Z-: i want to punch her in the boob
 .m.: “dream about me”
  that golddigger bitch is hilarious
  she will always be a ditzy sorority girl


Serio, .m. and I would never get casted for some shit like that. We just wouldn’t give a shit. We like ourselves, we have common sense, and we’re definitely not *hunting* for love.  What are we teaching younger generations with bullshit shows like this? Are we regressing to the 1950’s? I don’t need The Rules to trap a man.  We don’t need to false advertise ourselves to get someone to say we’re “pretty” or “interesting”.  

I guess a show about common sense, high self esteem, and self-confidence wouldn’t get the best ratings, though.  So carry on, I guess, you fuckers.


This is NOT what Feminism looks like.

This is NOT what Feminism looks like.




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