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President Obama & The 100 Day Mark by -Z- by -Z-
Yes He Can!

Yes He Can!

100 Day Mark for the Obama Administration.  And after 8 years of Bush-Cheney hell, I must say, it’s been a great 100 days, recession or no.  Obama has jumped on foreign policy initiatives, nuclear proliferation, going green, climate change, the shambles of an economy the repugs gave us, healthcare, our over expanded military, shutting Guantanamo, and standing up to torture.  Obama has worked tirelessly for the past 100 days to put the United States back together and gain ground with the rest of the world.  Too bad Dubya had 8 years to tear us to pieces.

I know if any conservatives get on Pinky Links I’m going to get comments full of angry Faux News buzzwords (enter Sandra the Commenter’s brain for this insanity).  So, I thought I’d provide several News Org Report Cards on how the Administration is doing.


Self-proclaimed Fair and Balanced. Amusement, I has it.

Self-proclaimed Fair and Balanced. Amusement, I has it.


Tell you what, Faux News fans! I’ll give you the “Fair and Balanced” Assesment First!!!

Cristina Corban, clearly a serious journalist, begins her dissection of the first 100 days by saying that Obama’s leftward shift of policy has “garnered hardly a whimper” from the citizenry.

“leaving many to wonder how much social issues matter to Americans amid two wars and an economic crisis”

Hmm…this wouldn’t have anything to do with the mandate landslide election that Obama won, hinting that his leftward policy shift might have been desired by the citizenry? Nevertheless, thank you for scolding the lazy moral majority, Corban. Those fuckers need to get it in gear.  As far as what Obama has done in the last 100 days, this is her list:

  • Overturned Stem Cell Research Ban
  • Proposed to reverse the Bush Admin decision that medical providers can refuse medical care to people based on their personal wacky religious beliefs.
  • Reinstated the federal ban on assault rifles (Oh no! Mah 2nd Amendment Rights! I need to hunt mah deers! With mah AK47! Damn you Big Government!)
  • Supported Gay Civil Union Initiatives
Conservatives like to say Sweet Ass. My guess is because they rarely get any.

Conservatives like to say Sweet Ass. My guess is because they rarely get any.

 Now that we’ve got THAT covered! How about one from the Biased Liberal Media(a.k.a. MSNBC…I’d go Huffington Post, but I’m wary of having to wade through the Bill O’Reilly-esque comments I’d get for that)

I hate to complain, Savannah Guthrie, but this article hasn’t scolded anybody.  Not the whimpering bleeding heart liberals or the douchey bible thumpers.  You just talked about the Obama Administration’s economic policies.  What about fetuses losing their right to life? Or….maybe something about how we don’t care enough about the terrorist threat that Christianity/America is facing? I’m disgusted. Anyways, here’s her list:

  • $787 billion recovery plan
  • $350 billion tarp bill to the bancos
  • Public + Private partnership to rid the bancos of their toxic assets
  • $275 billion housing program to help with the mortgage crisis (wait…why would they want to help people? Are they helping McCain pay for his 8 houses? They better be…)
  • Proposed overhaul of the financial regulatory system
This is boring. And not snarky. Goddamn you BBC.

This is boring. And not snarky. Goddamn you BBC.

 Why is -Z- posting what foreigners think!?!?!? This is Amuuurrriiicaaa!!!!

The BBC 100 Day article impressed me, because they covered a lot of bases. ALSO, they had a rating system.  Bonus!  Here’s Iwan Morgan’s analysis (this is amusing to me, because he paid more attention to more issues than either American article):

  • Economy (4/5): A good start on fiscal stimulus, but not as good in regards to revitalizing the financial system
  • Climate Change (4/5): $23 billion for renewable energy initiatives, proposal of slashing greenhouse emissions.  (Morgan also notes that “the bar was set low after George Bush”)
  • Healthcare (3/5): Gave Obama points for intent, not action.
  • “Building a Team” (3/5): Referenced the Daschle shenanigans. I’m so confused…how is this journalist giving Obama props AND talking about his faults as well? He must be British, because that’s not the American way. You either hate it or love it, yo.
  • Guantanamo (5/5): Turns out, the rest of the world thinks shutting down illegal Torture Prisons is a good thing. 
  • Torture(5/5): Again…who woulda thought.
  • Afghanistan (3/5): While the US could have done better, Obama has sent an additional 17,000 troops, increased training the local military, and has increased funding for Afghani infrastructure. I’m hoping part of this initiative includes renaming that maternity clinic they named for useless assed Laura Bush.  But…that’s just me.
  • Iraq (4/5): Obama gets points for standing firm on his resolution to pull out of Iraq. Lost a point apparently, because his timetable slipped. Doesn’t Obama know that Presidents don’t need no timetable? They do what they want?  Also, it’s been 100 days. Shouldn’t he have spent half of those days vacationing ala Bush? Hm.
  • Middle East (2/5):  Morgan says he doesn’t think Obama’s done enough regarding Palestine and Israel.  I think those 2 points were pity-fuck points, because Morgan clearly really likes Obama.  Deep down, I bet he’s shaking his fist about it.
  • Arms (4/5): Obama has stopped funding/work on current American nuclear warheads.  Has pledged to take serious consideration for stopping nuclear proliferation.  Morgan likes this. So do I. I am the only person who should be able to have nuclear weapons.  Or we could give them to Dr. Manhattan.
  • Bipartisanship (1/5): Morgan! You fuck! He’s trying! Oh, wait….Morgan says that while the US is still widely polarized in the political sphere, it’s not Obama’s fault.  Works for me!


My work here is done.  Happy 100 Days to the Administration I voted for!! I win!!  If you’re conservative, and all this makes you feel sad, please click HERE.


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it is well-known that the facts have a liberal bias. those poor conservatives.

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