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Gee Thanks NSA, #4! by -Z- by -Z-
Anyone have some fries?

Anyone got some fries?

 So the NSA sent me this really great link, that I think might get Blog Rolled, for it is awesome.  The site is called You will love it, I promise. It has my stamp of approval.

I’ve been guilty of this irritating passive aggressive note leaving, too.  I’m pretty sure I wrote a note to my college roomate telling her the following:

“Please TRAIN your stupid boyfriend to put the toilet seat down.  Unless of course, he wants to start paying rent.”

She tore the note up and left it by my door.


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Sometimes when I am put in real stupid, frusterating situations, I wish I was a bulimic who could vomit on command, uttering, “Sorry, I vomit when I’m angry,” as I walk out the door, leaving a nice mess for the instigator to clean up as my revenge. However, I usually end up doing nothing or writing messages on dirty car windows if I can.

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