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i just don’t get it. efron looks like a girl. ~.m. by maria b.


this is the best photo of him ive ever seen. doesnt do much for me.

this is the best photo of him i've ever seen. doesn't do much for me.

i hate High School Musical. all 3 or 8 or 11 of them. whatever. no, i’ve never seen them, and i love musicals. but those productions are just overblown corporate marketing synergy projects aimed at the 8-18 girl demographic. they have no redeeming artistic value, the musical numbers suck goat nuts, the acting is abhorrent and they’re not creative at all. i could give a shit about any of the people involved in these despicable things.

but the Zac Efron phenomenon has taken on a life of its own. people LOVE this guy. they love him with an intensity and a fervor last seen with the advent of the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC. they have no idea what this guy’s really like because he’s purely a product of the Disney franchise, so what they know of him is what he looks like. and i’ll give them that, he’s a good-looking guy. but i could consider my life a success if i never saw his face again.

it’s not just teeny-bopper girls who get funny feeling inside from looking at Zac Efron. even Elizabeth Banks (of W. and 40-year-old Virgin fame, among many others) has openly admitted to being hot for Efron.

“I am a 3?-year-old woman inappropriately lustful for Zac Efron…He’s charming, makes use of many fingers while ‘twirling a basketball’ (you get it) and looks great with his shirt off (some term that ‘star power’). At one point, I drooled.”

but i just don’t see it. physically, he’s fantastic–great body, good hair, nice eyes, straight teeth, tan skin and dresses.. really well–but beyond that, he’s little more than a breathing Ken doll. has he even graduated from high school? what kinds of causes does he support? does he read books? and who the fuck are the clowns he’s hanging out with?

i used to be attracted by what was on the surface of guys, but now, and i have no idea why, the things that really make or break my finding somebody sexy is his brain. he doesn’t have to have a 4.0 GPA from an Ivy-league college or a couple Master’s degrees, he just has to be well-informed, well-read and have a healthy intellectual curiosity. but actually, that’s a lie. cuz even if he’s a smart guy, there can still be a lot wrong there. i mean, look at the Craig’s List Killer.


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I don’t like his eyebrows.
They’re like my eyebrows.

Comment by ioncehadpartedhair

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