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this haircut is one of my biggest fears. ~.m. by maria b.
worst. haircut. ever.

worst. haircut. ever.

i recently got a good 6 inches cut off my hair. i feel like G.I. Jane, but in reality my haircut isn’t that drastic. i mean, there are plenty of guys with longer hair than me, but luckily i still definitely look like a girl.

but my biggest fear in going with a short haircut was looking like a soccer mom. or any “mommy”-type haircut at all. this bitch’s hair is the perfect example of what i was afraid of. it makes no sense, it’s unflattering, it’s long in front and ugly and spiky in back–with all those different lengths, growing out that shit would be practically impossible. unless you shave your head, you’re stuck with that awful look until you die. and don’t get me started on those highlights…

also, this woman is an overbearing nag. no wonder her husband cheated on her.

*note: i don’t watch her stupid show, i’ve just seen her too often lately talking about her bullshit show, her litter of rugrats and her cheating husband (who is ugly.) but the worst part of all of it is that haircut. yikes.

a better look at that rat’s nest after the jump…

id shave my head and use a branding iron on my scalp before having this haircut. serio.

i'd shave my head and use a branding iron on my scalp before having this haircut. serio.


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honestly, i’d dislike her a lot less if she had a less shitty haircut. it just makes her look smug. like, “i’m a mother now, and fashion and all that just isn’t important anymore.” ugh.

Comment by masakosan

i bang her. 8 kids or not. she got an asian fetish too.

Comment by JB

I think I love you.

Comment by magicjones

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