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scrunchies are not hot, hipster or cool. ~.m. by maria b.




ok. somebody, possibly American Apparel, is telling our young people that scrunchies are en vogue and attractive. that is a lie. there is no way you can look cool with a scrunchie in your hair. no. way.

you don’t look sexy, stylish or cool. even if you’re wearing Alexander McQueen, you look like you belong in faded stirrup pants and a sweater with a kitten on it. honestly.


theres truly no reason for this. truly.

there's truly no excuse for this. truly.

i grew up in the age of scrunchies, and i remember thinking that they were cool. but i was wrong then, and the people who think this now are wrong, too. 

so, no matter what the marketing sheisters at American Apparel and Louis Vuitton are telling you, do not buy into this. i’m telling you, you will regret it. you will regret it regardless of if you are 14 or 54. stay far, far away.



otherwise, you will look like Madonna at this year’s Costume Institute Gala:


how can you not expect to be a walking punchline looking like this?

it's kind of sad that she thinks she looks fashionable. and you would look sad in a scrunchie, too.


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Die scrunchies DIE!!!

Comment by magicjones

This is excellent.

Comment by ioncehadpartedhair

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