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i didn’t know Farrah Fawcett is the first person to ever get cancer. ~.m. by maria b.




Charlie’s Angel and 1970s icon Farrah Fawcett has been struck by a strange disease that’s causing uncontrolled cell growth in her anus and has also spread to her liver. doctors are tentatively calling the disease “cancer.” 

to inform the public about what they know about this disease so far, the media is covering everything from Fawcett’s medical records to personal video footage and her treatments in both the U.S. and Germany. the public interest in Fawcett’s story is especially intense because so few people have ever experienced “cancer” or have even known anyone who has suffered from it.


if you didn’t get it, that whole first part was sarcastic. because, holy fuck, Farrah Fawcett has cancer and we need to tell her story because it’s so moving and completely unlike anyone else’s experience with cancer. ok, i couldn’t help being sarcastic there. but honestly, this woman gets cancer and nobody can stop talking about it? she gets TV specials about her struggle with her friends and family and fancy European medical treatments. it’s like they’ve never seen anything like it before. …except they have. lots of times.

let me get one thing straight: i’m not trying to rag on Farrah Fawcett here. i think her having cancer is horrible and ugly and unfortunate. i just fail to understand why her fight against cancer is any more remarkable than other people who have had the same struggle. everyone–everyone–knows someone who has had cancer. and probably knows someone who has died from cancer. cancer is everywhere. it’s terrible and fatal and ugly and EVERYWHERE.

so, honestly, i don’t give a FUCK about Farrah Fawcett’s battle against cancer. sure, she’s being strong and brave, but life-and-death struggles like this bring out those qualities in lots of people–i’d even say in most people. so she kept a journal? how very novel of her. she’s so very reluctant to exhibit any sign of self-pity? unheard of!

so spare me this stupid documentary about her struggle. enough people have lived through the experience, the last thing they need is to watch how the rich people handle it. it’s like The Real Housewives of Chemo over here. that might be a bit of an overstatement, but it’s how i feel right now while ranting. 

cancer is so prevalent in our society that the last thing we need is a goddamn documentary about it. fuck, you might as well have a 2-hour TV special on fender-benders, food poisoning or losing your keys. not to minimize cancer in any way, but i don’t need to fucking waste my time seeing how people deal with it. there’s plenty of better inspiration to be found in other situations and more remarkable people.


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