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jessica simpson is to fame as herpes are to genitals. ~.m. by maria b.

this bitch needs to fade away. she’s had her 15 minutes and she took advantage of them–she was part of some bullshit body spray and lip gloss company, she’s got a shitty shoe and handbag deal going on and she’s milking the remainder of her music career for all it’s worth in the best place for a marginally talented singer: country music.

but why WHYYY is she on the cover of Vanity Fair? no, she’s not “fat” and even if she was that wouldn’t be why i can’t stand her. i’m very fond of a number of fuller-figured/husky/big-boned/adequately cushioned individuals. not the least of my problems with her is her is her whole “i’m gonna be a virgin until marriage” schtick. people’s choices are their business, but she was so preachy about it and condescending to people who don’t share that belief. i can’t stand her because she is a talentless hack with a vapid, materialistic personality and a creepy fame-whoring family. that’s why. i can only hope that the country music people catch onto this sooner rather than later. but then again, she might fit right in. in which case, at least she’s relegated to a more marginal entertainment target demographic and is less likely to be on the cover of normally respectable and intelligent periodicals. feck.


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