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Here I Is To Essplain da Cheezburgers! -Z- by -Z-
Oh Nom.

Oh Nom.

I am a lover of cheeseburgers. And a hater of marriage!  I’ve never been the kind of girl that would a.) get married or b.) “plan my wedding since I was twelve” but I would sure as shit marry someone for some sweet cheeseburger gear… My cheeseburger wedding after the jump!

Only my close group of friends, who know better than to ever propose marriage to me, know my cheeseburger wedding weakness, so this is borderline confession territory here.  The reason for this is because I would marry pretty much anyone for cheeseburger gear, which would mean anyone could take advantage of me via matrimony. 

~Cheeseburger Wedding~

1. The Proposal 

  Don't like lettuce on your burger? Well then don't wear it!  This ring…also good for punching!


 I must be proposed to with this stylish and very appetizing wedding ring. Mandatory. This will signify the promise of a future chock full of cheeseburger merchandise.


2. The Wedding
 The Dress.
The cake. The cake.

3. The Wedding Night


Minus the guy....

Minus that guy....add me eating a cheeseburger in the cheeseburger bed, while my new significant other sleeps on the floor. (Unless of course my bride/groom is smokin' hot...then it's minus the guy, plus the smokin' hot bride/groom, plus the sexo, eat the cheeseburgers in cheeseburger bed afterwards= marital burger bliss..)

Wow. That was the lamest post Pinky Links has ever seen.  You’re welcome. Or….I’m sorry.


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