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Crazy Right-Wing Dickheads Are Anti Gun Control, Need To Shoot People Who Don’t Agree With Them… by -Z- by -Z-


In the last month, we have witnessed the brutal murder of heroic Dr. George Tiller (1941-2009), an abortion provider who gave his services to desperate women throughout the nation.   Yesterday, a security guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. was murdered by a white supremacist.  The sense of entitlement these assholes have makes me furious.  It also makes me crave some gun control. 

Just because you say you believe in Jesus doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to murder people! (Really? I can’t just repent afterwards and still get into heavan?)  These are the same crazy Far Right nutjobs that yell about “freedom” and “terrorism” and other Ammurrriicaaan ideology.  Your extremist actions constitute terrorism, idiots.  You don’t see liberals murdering folks that disagree with them on Global Warming. 

How can these people claim to follow the teachings of PACIFIST (definition HERE), Jesus Christ? I would like to send this Onion article to every bible thumping right wing anti-choice waste of space out there. Fucking hypocrites.

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I so totally agree, muslims are exactly the same way they say they are a peaceful religion but everyday thousands of woman in the middle east are torture, beaten, treated like second class/slaves. they treat women like a child factories. aside from the murdering they do around the world in the name of peace, they still have the nerve to say we are peaceful this nut jobs are f*&(@^g worse than all other religions put together time infinity. one case in Saudi arabia where a women after being raped by 8 men was sentanced to 60 slashes! who was the nut job on the f*@&#*@G case?

Comment by cs

um… i’m not sure you “so totally agree.” yes, in SOME Muslim countries, womEn are treated poorly and as second-class citizens, but according to plenty of Christians, the Bible says the same thing and women in Christian families and communities are treated like slaves. and you wanna talk “child factories”? as far as i know, the Octo-mom isn’t a Muslim, John and Kate Gosselin aren’t Muslim, Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey aren’t Muslim, and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar aren’t Muslim. so as far as that goes, i don’t understand how you can criticize Muslims for that when, in my view, stupid Amurrikinz are the ones getting fertility treatments, having dozens of children, then making a bid for publicity in an effort to get free stuff cuz they can’t afford to support their offspring.

you also mentioned the the murders done by Muslim RADICALS and made it sound like those same RADICALS were the ones claiming to be peaceful. that strikes me as disingenuous. the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, and the RADICALS (similar to Christian radicals, incidentally) are the ones who choose to interpret the teachings of the Koran (or Bible) in intellectually shaky ways in order to claim that their acts of violence are condoned by Allah (God). so i would heartily disagree with you assertion that “this [sic] nut jobs are f*&(@^g worse than all other religions put together time [sic] infinity.” Muslim radicals are REMARKABLY similar to Christian and other right-wing radicals. they just get more press here in the U.S. because a frightening number of Amurrikinz believe that right-wing radicals are somewhat reasonable and because it’s more difficult to objectify caucasian males and identify them as the “other.”

now, to respond to -Z-‘s lurvely post: i think it’s scary that just weeks ago Janet Napolitano was effectively forced to apologize for a DHS report that stated that the current economic and political climate “could create a fertile recruiting environment for right-wing extremists and even result in confrontations between such groups and government authorities similar to those in the past.” it also said that, “the willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today.” right-wing politicians, pundits and ass-clowns were all up in arms, saying that the Obama administration had politicized the DHS (even though the report was commissioned by GeeDubya during HIS administration.) so Ms Napolitano clarified the report and appeased the thin-skinned masses.

just weeks later, Dr. Tiller was murdered IN CHURCH (soooo hypocritical on soooo many levels) and a white supremacist stormed the Holocaust Museum. where are those people who were demanding her apology NOW?? jeezusFUCK.

the right-wingnuts are losing their shit cuz their party got their asses whupped in the last election and now they’re out of power. nobody’s taking them seriously anymore because everyone was talking about Jesus and the Bible on televised debates instead of having any actual facts or studies to back up their self-important opinions. i’m happy to have a debate with you about abortion, gun control, national health care, etc. but if you talk about what the Bible says about gun control or abortion, then we’re done. you might as well talk about what spell Harry Potter would cast or what Jar-Jar Binks would do. ugh.

Comment by masakosan

We have to make sure Obama gets reelected so we can really change America in to a country where everyone, not just white males, can have their rights! Abolish ageism! If a 13 year old wants to have a meaningful relationship with an older man that’s his decision! Who are we to deny him his rights! I think it should be against the law to say or publish sexist-racist or homophobic statements. I think there should be a 1one child maximum, just like in China. I think that this should only apply to white people though because they make up 75% of the population in America and rich white people are responsible for about 90% of CO2 emmisions!

Comment by Shawana

13 yr old… older men…? Im not even going to TOUCH that insanely stupid and ignorant comment

And you know what? Everyone in this country has rights. blacks, whites, jews, mexicans, gays, women, everyone. So i dont know where you get the impression that ONLY whites have rights. Maybe its because you’re NOT white and you think the only way you can make yourself BETTER than them is to talk down on them and blame them for your problems. Also, making a law that families can only have 1 child would be a COMMUNIST decision, they dont support “choice” like Obama. A “choise” would be to have as many children as you want. AND white people DO make up 75% of America… I’m sure they do… and THEY were the ones to settle this land after leaving Europe… so I’m not sure what your point is there. But I guess this stupid, ignorant site is the correct medium for you to spill your ridiculous ideas….

hope your anti everything mindset and ideas work out for you.

Comment by John

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Comment by gay

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