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New Heights Reached in Pinky Links Intellect by -Z- by -Z-

.m. is finally getting sweet el sexo action, thanks to her following the advice of jb and myself.  Therefore, she is less frequently available than she used to be. I’ll give her credit, she’s trying not to be a complete douche. 

Regardless. This is the only communication I had with her yesterday. Via Text:

-Z-: You smell like farts.

.m.: you IS a faht.

-Z-: You eat fahts.

.m.: YOU do. 😛

-Z-: You = 3;)              [for those of you who don’t know what that means, it is the Pinky Links emoticon for getting Tea Bagged]

.m.: incorrect!! that’s funny cuz i wanted to send you that.

-jb- and I will keep you posted on how girlie/douchey .m. gets while she’s going on trips to poundtown. I’ll make sure to publicly scold her via BLOG when she is at her worst.

ps. We’re also thrilled she’s getting some action!     3:)


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