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life “milestones”: making people fat since… forever! ~.m. by maria b.
how long do you think these people lived together before getting hitched?

how long do you think these people lived together before getting hitched?

i saw this study and laughed out loud. “ha!” -Z- and i have been laughing at plump couples for years, taking guesses at how long they’ve been together based on their physiques. totally judgmental and mildly sadistic, but also frighteningly on target. who knew that this study would support our hypothesis that relationships make you fat??

Not only are married people more likely to become obese than those who are just dating, but young people who move in with a boyfriend or girlfriend tend to pack on the pounds too.

i mean, -Z- and i didn’t need a study to tell us that having a boy/girlfriend makes you fat. it’s not fuckin’ rocket science. going out, binge-drinking, throwing up and not eating until 4 p.m. the next day nets you much fewer calories than staying in with your boy/girlfriend, making dinner and feeding each other ice cream before burning 70 calories having sex before you fall asleep at 12:30 a.m. duh. plus, miserable single people are constantly searching for approval from strangers, so we pay much more attention to the upkeep of our physical appearance. when you’ve found Deep Love, you understand that worrying about your appearance is totally superficial and isn’t what someone who loves you thinks is really important. physical attraction plays absolutely no part in a successful romantic relationship! [/sarcasm]

if this is just what marriage does to you, what about children???? [shudder]

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