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Vanity Fair Busts Sarah Palin’s Chops. Amusement Ensues. by -Z- by -Z-
Tina Fey aint the only one to have a crack at her!

Tina Fey aint the only one to have a crack at her!

Vanity Fair responded to Sarah Palin’s resignation speech in one of the most fulfilling ways possible.  They edited her speech.  It is nerdy and delightful, pages and pages of red pen. 
In my mind, the red pen wields so much authority.  From the day we learned to write as children to the present, the red pen has had the ability to render some of the most concise writing defunct.  Combine the red pen with a Palin Gibberish-ese speech, and well, it’s just hilarity.  Smug, looking-down-your-nose, hilarity.

This Is Amuriikuuhhh by -Z- by -Z-

 This post over at Contexts made a legitimate point regarding how American media sources differ disturbingly from their International counterparts.

Americans are largely unaware of what is going around them in the world.  Why does American Media cater to ignorance in the United States? Why are Americans vastly unaware of the world around them, especially in comparison with their International peers?

.m. and I have had this discussion many a time. We’re both news junkies.  And to top that with a nice cherry, .m. also has her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.  Is American news media publishing fluff and bullshit to distract Americans, or will their mags, rags, and station(ags?), completely go under if they don’t?  The proverbial Chicken v. Egg if you will….  What will it take for American Journalism to get its’ balls back?

Bah! Fury, I has it.

Ribbit…Ribbit…Ribbit… by -Z- by -Z-
Too much cheeseburger.

Too much cheeseburger.

This picture is for my Mom. She likes frogs.

When she gets mad at my Pops, he ribbits at her.

Thoughts? by -Z- by -Z-
I would have hated the 50s.  I hate *Petting*.

I would have hated the 50's. I hate *Petting*.

So, I checked out What Would Tyler Durden Do this morning and stumbled across this post about some random interview Kendra Wilkinson gave (she is some Playboy chick that was on a reality show about Playboy chicks).  Anyway, that it was about her is not the point. 
The question of how long one should wait to have sex with someone was asked of her and her response was (after the jump!):

This Is Fucking Funny. by -Z- by -Z-
July 19, 2009, 3:12 pm
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E-Nolte just gchat sended this to me.  It’s nonsensical. I almost peed myself. Hilarious. Enjoy.

STFU Indeed! -Z- by -Z-

This morning, I was browsing around on Facebook.  How great is that mini feed?  Knowing every inane detail of every person’s life?  I don’t status update much, if at all.  But I do a little revelling in other people’s status updates.  Why?  Because they are 99% of the time asinine.

A hot mess of a girl I know had the following status update:

ST is wondering why she is the only one left in her class without a husband and kids. What used to be so scary is now what I want!!!

Click MORE for .m. and my text conversation regarding this horror story of a status update AAAAND a great website that Devrah sent me that corresponds!  AFTER THE JUMP! GO!

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Stuffs I Dig Archive #1 by -Z- by -Z-

In one of the Notepad sections of my iPhone, I save quotes and quirky things that I especially like or want to remember (my friends will all attest to my shitty memory).  It’s titled “Stuffs I Dig”.

The following is a message I saved that was sent to me via chat by my ex boyfriend because he was mad I had broken up with him:

You have friends but ones who leave u because u are not adamant

Yeah, .m. and I don’t know what the shit that means, either.  He’s like a bad Japanese t-shirt.  I’d wear that shit, though, if someone made it for me.