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In one of the Notepad sections of my iPhone, I save quotes and quirky things that I especially like or want to remember (my friends will all attest to my shitty memory).  It’s titled “Stuffs I Dig”.

The following is a message I saved that was sent to me via chat by my ex boyfriend because he was mad I had broken up with him:

You have friends but ones who leave u because u are not adamant

Yeah, .m. and I don’t know what the shit that means, either.  He’s like a bad Japanese t-shirt.  I’d wear that shit, though, if someone made it for me.


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Sounds threatening! Like yeah, sure, you’ve got friends, but they come and go because you do not tie them to a chair and say I DEMAND THAT YOU BE MY FRIEND. FOREEEVERRRR.

I love it when people send you text messages and IMs that are meant to sting, but they don’t bother to properly spell out words like “you” and “are.” I just end up thinking “Haha! You stupid! What are you, too busy to insult me?! FOCUS PLEASE.”

Comment by cupcakeheartbreak

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