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STFU Indeed! -Z- by -Z-

This morning, I was browsing around on Facebook.  How great is that mini feed?  Knowing every inane detail of every person’s life?  I don’t status update much, if at all.  But I do a little revelling in other people’s status updates.  Why?  Because they are 99% of the time asinine.

A hot mess of a girl I know had the following status update:

ST is wondering why she is the only one left in her class without a husband and kids. What used to be so scary is now what I want!!!

Click MORE for .m. and my text conversation regarding this horror story of a status update AAAAND a great website that Devrah sent me that corresponds!  AFTER THE JUMP! GO!

-Z-: O.M.G. Puke.

.m.: OMG. THAT is scary. both that she wants that shit and that there is very little standing in the way of her raising offspring.

-Z-: Haha. AND that her desires have now been made oh so public. Hhhh. Dumb cunt.

.m.: is that an AD for a husband/father of her children??

-Z-: Hahaha. As far as I know she has a bf. Unlucky sonofabitch.

.m.: maybe he’s some kind of drug addict or alcoholic. you’d have to be just to tolerate a conversation with her, let alone fuck her.

I know, I know. That shit is nutjobs.

So, when Devrah sent me the link to STFU Marrieds, I nearly lost it.  I know married people that are great.  The reason these couples are great is because they have perspective. They are great people outside of their *coupledom* because they don’t take their *deep love* and *relationship* so seriously.  The Ass Faces that are profiled on STFU Marrieds are the majority of married douchebags.  They are so insecure in themselves as individuals that they have to make Public Service Announcements on how GREAT they are in their *coupledom*.  NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. 

I’m not going to ask them to stop, though.  If they did, who would I have to judge in the morning when I’m browsing around facebook?


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