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I would have hated the 50s.  I hate *Petting*.

I would have hated the 50's. I hate *Petting*.

So, I checked out What Would Tyler Durden Do this morning and stumbled across this post about some random interview Kendra Wilkinson gave (she is some Playboy chick that was on a reality show about Playboy chicks).  Anyway, that it was about her is not the point. 
The question of how long one should wait to have sex with someone was asked of her and her response was (after the jump!):
“if it takes 5, 10 or even 15 dates, then that is absolutely ok too!”
I thought that the post’s commentary posed an interesting question. It is as follows:
No the lesson here was that it should never take more than three dates to have sex.  Three.  That’s the answer.  Anything more is a bad sign.  Actually it’s not a sign, it’s a light.  A green light.  It means get the hell out of there.

Look, we’re not 14 and getting to know the pleasures of life.  When a man and a women are attracted to each other, they have sex.  Period.  I don’t care what you’re insane reason is for not having sex.

I wanted to know what other people’s responses would be to this issue.  I’m of two minds. I think it’s fine to hang out for a while and take some time to determine whether or not you want to fuck someone.  But, as far as attraction goes, if you really want to fuck them, wouldn’t you want to just DO THEM and not play games about it?  I guess I’m torn.  I think that the sexual tension game can be hot, and build up, and blah blah blah, but if you really WANT someone, do you even want to wait?  I’m not even going to discuss people who think they should wait some “respectable amount of time” so someone doesn’t think they’re a “whore”…..this is a feminist site.  We’re not even going to address that idiocy.

 So, as much as I realize that What Would Tyler Durden Do is an incredibly misogynistic site dedicated to adolescent commentary (and serves the purpose well, might I add…I mean shit, we blog rolled it.), I think that his 3 date rule is pretty solid.  You’re either well on your way to Pound Town (at least you have the Google Maps Printout), or you’ve boarded a shitty greyhound to Platonicville.

What’s errrryybody else think?

Ps. Another question, does anyone hate making out as much as I do? 



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