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i know how i’m going to die. ~.m. by maria b.

this is how civilization as we know it will end. everybody in developed countries goes, and the “primitive” people of the less technologically dependent parts of the globe will rule the world. mark my words.

catch of the month: bobby bottleservice -jb- by jig burn

“i’m completely single… i’m a complete catch… there’s nothing wrong with me.” ~.m. by maria b.

yeah, “Dmitri,” she didn’t call you because of some massive natural disaster/an emotionally taxing family tragedy/she’s psychologically unstable. THAT must be the reason this woman didn’t call a catch like you back for some sweet bedroom action. you’re clearly a flawless specimen of a man and the incarnate ideal of what every woman is looking for in a one-night stand. [/sarcasm]

dude, don’t take it so personally. and why do you insist that you play the victim? that’s what those True Forced Loneliness guys are all about, and we all know where that gets us. moron.

books that make you dumb. -jb- by jig burn


books and average SAT scores

books and average SAT scores

Virgil Griffith from Caltech compiled this data and correlation straight from facebook.
broke down all the data every which way here.
[harry potter beats the bible]