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Weak Sauce, Psychology Today… by -Z- by -Z-

I’m not sure what the guidelines are for being able to write a Blog on Psychology Today’s website, but evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa somehow got the okay.  Kanazawa writes a tired diatribe of anti-feminist posts, like this one titled Why modern feminism is illogical, unnecessary, and evilKanazawa’s assertions in the article are as follows:

  • The definition of feminism is that men and women are identical.
  • Women have an advantage over men in that they have a greater reproductive success (apparently?).
  • “Among mammals, the female always has more power than the male, and humans are no exception.  It is true that, in all human societies, men largely control all the money, politics, and prestige.  They do, because they have to, in order to impress women. Women don’t control these resources, because they don’t have to.  What do women control?  Men.”
  • “Finally, modern feminism is evil because it ultimately makes women (and men) unhappy…..American women over the last 35 years have steadily become less and less happy, as they have made more and more money relative to men.”

First of all, Kanazawa’s arguments are just tired.  It’s more amusing than anything to read his rants.  The assertions in his post are simple and juvenile.  Clearly some chick (more than likely all chicks) refused to give him the aggressive HJ he wanted and as a man he felt disenfranchised by FEMINISM, because clearly that is the only reason he didn’t get some.  I know, Kanazawa, it hurts.  We all know it won’t suck itself.

The first two bullet points are just nonsensical. No feminist claimed that men and women are biologically identical, but instead demanded equal rights.  Secondly, human individual success cannot be measured on their reproductive success, not to mention there’s no science backing up whether women as a whole are more reproductively successful. Ugh, the stupidity.

Kanazawa asserts that women have more “power” than men, because men have to acquire control over money, politics, and prestige to IMPRESS women.  Really, women just sit on their asses waiting for a powerful man to show up.  Kanazawa’s assertion is that women control men, by forcing them to acquire resources.  Right, because men don’t use their resources to control women’s actions (I could go on and on about this here bullshit).  *rage steadily building*

As far as the last point goes, women were pleased as punch when they weren’t working, which is….why they….started a feminist movement to increase their shot/rights in the workplace.  Did it ever occur to this fucktard that “working women” today might not be so *HAPPY* because even though they are now working, they still make less than men, and for the most part still have to go home and be the primary caretakers of family, house, and home?  Working women 50 years ago were unhappy and stressed about the same shit (Whaaat?? There were working women 50 years ago??). 

As a person in science, he should be embarrassed.  With my own background in anthropology and especially  human evolution (or maybe even common sense!) to guide me, it’s laughable that this guy has a doctorate in evolutionary psychology.  Can you bid for those on Ebay?

This is what we need to watch out for in science.  Especially the way information is thrown about today via the Internet.  Keep in mind that this guy made the news with his ridiculous “scientific” assertion that his “research” showed that attractive people have more daughters than sons.  Even in reputable Anthropology discussions, it is a constant battle to keep sexist cultural relativism to a minimum.  Plenty of men (including my professors)  in my Anthro classes and readings would make assertions about our ancestors of 500,000 years ago.  Physical evidence would include an Acheulian Hand Axe and a few scraps of fossilized bone.

A man made that, Im sure of it.

A man made that, I'm sure of it.

And I would still have to sit through some idiot telling me that our hominid ancestors had sexual divisions of labor based on our society today.  They would look at flint knapped rock, an incomplete skull, and a stratification of seeds in the dirt, and tell me that female hominids relied on male hominids for the acquisition of meat through hunting.  Professors would talk about the evolution of male orgasm as a driving force of evolution, without ever discussing why female orgasm existed.  They would try to explain hominid copulation as males being sexual aggressors, while the females sat around waiting to be penetrated/fertilized.  HOW DO YOU GET THAT FROM A SHARD OF EYE SOCKET AND A CORNER OF A PELVIC GIRLDE?!!?!?!
Clearly this man was a hunter. Named Maurice. He liked doggy style with his lady and fishing trips with the boys.

Clearly this man was a hunter. Named Elvin. He liked doggy style with his lady and fishing trips with the boys.

The beauty of science, regardless of the number of fools IN science, is that it is constantly up for scrutiny.  The scientific method for testing hypotheses is an admirable one.  So before I get more riled up about my experience with idiot scientists, I’ll explain what made me smile in the face of this sexist madness.  An ACTUAL, LEGITIMATE, SCIENTIFIC METHOD USING scientist, debased Assface Kanazawa’s research with legitimate science (which is what all of us science nerds get boners about).

And that’s what I want to offer you.  Kanazawa’s ass got Scientifically PWNED.
Suckit Kanazawa.  And if you would like to meet up for some coffee/a punch in the face to discuss your played out theories on feminism, lemme know. 
As for you, Psychology Today, DO BETTER.

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