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Compensating For China’s One Child Policy, One Fetus At A Time. by -Z- by -Z-
This woman has been preggo for over 20 years.

This woman has been preggo for over 20 years.

Brudda: I sent you a thing to piss you off! does that suck or what?

me: yeah i saw that. good, i’m sure that clown car wasn’t quite full enough. maybe mother duggar just loooooves to fuuuuuck.

Brudda: yeah but with all those kids, whose got the time?

me: her vadge must be totally blown out

Brudda: true that. These days her husband probably just jumps in feet first and masturbates. And that…is Duggar sex.

me: haha GROSS

Brudda: 🙂

That was the gchat convo that followed after my brother sent me a link to the headacheNEWS! that the Duggar family is having their 19th child.  That poor woman has been mostly pregnant for over 20 years.  She and her husband market her uterus/breeding status on television for profit!

  1. There are fantastic evolutionary reasons why human women evolved  to have low numbers of children as opposed to litters. 
  2. When this woman is solely known for her status as a breeder, and markets herself in no other light, what will her daughters glean from the experience? How will her sons treat women?

I’m so sick of these “freakshow breeder” reality tv shows.  I vote they turn the show into a documentary, where they don’t pay the Duggars, and see how they “real life” fend for themselves with 20 fucking kids in this economy.

I am a staunch proponent of Ms. Duggar having the sole say over her reproductive capacity; she can do whatever she wants with it, even though I may not agree.  But I wonder how much of the “having a herd of babies” has to do with religious zeal/coercion.  I wonder what her sex life could possibly be with her husband (for fucksake, her poor tired body!), is she getting any pleasure from it (besides the hell JOY of having a small city of mewling spawn)?  I wonder what she would do/accomplish/love if the husband and offspring-farm were suddenly POOF gone!


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