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One Fifth Grade Teacher’s Quest to Help Me Find Jesus & Love Patriarchy by -Z- by -Z-

I am at least 15 out of 38 of these delectable Devil-Loving types of people. What's with the IST'S as opposed to ISTS? Not the point of this post, but I'm just saying.... Sport's Nut's?

 Several weeks ago on Fuckbook, I posted the following quote as my Fuckbook status:

“I call myself a feminist. Isn’t that what you call someone who fights for women’s rights?” ~Dalai Lama

I got some little “Like This” thumbs-up signs and the following comments:

Yeah, more people would be willing to acknowledge/label themselves as feminists if more would be aware of its actual meaning and purpose… Sadly it’s a horribly misinterpreted and distorted term.
-Z-‘s Fifth Grade Teacher
Thanks to many of the feminists in the past who gave it a very bad connotation because of their radical agenda at that time. It wasn’t just about women’s rights, like voting, but distorted family and motherhood, in the process and was demeaning to many women, too.
Sometimes you have be ‘radical’ to shake people up and take notice.
I’d be interested to know what you are referencing when you say “distorted family and motherhood” and how feminism has demeaned women, Fifth Grade Teacher.
-Z-‘s Fifth Grade Teacher
I’m working on your answer!
A couple weeks later, and lo and behold, THE ANSWER pops up in my Fuckbook Message Inbox. 

THE ANSWER after the jump!

[The only changes I have made to this letter were name-wise.  Everything else is in  full Craziness.  Also, it’s pretty long. So….enjoy!

 I will post my response, but have been busy negotiating the terms of a recent promotion at work, so this little project will take a backseat to my career aspirations. I’m sorry, Fifth Grade Teacher, I’m failing you already.  I should be getting married so that I can have sex and procreate, or needlepointing something with “Our Lord” on it.  Alas.]


Dear -Z-,                                                                             

I have been thinking about this and need to get it to you, but it has been on the laptop that we took to CA and I just got it off to finish.  I want you to know that I am not against women.  God made women equal with men and He loves everyone equally.  But in man’s (mankind’s) search for meaning and “fairness” in life, all of what God planned has gotten all mixed up.  You were such a delightful student and fun to have in class and I want you to continue to have a fun, carefree, life…but don’t think that is possible following today’s feminist agenda.  I love all my students and wan them to have the best life possible.  And, as usual, I got carried away with my discourse!

I think a lot of the problem with “feminism” as it has been called has partly to do with different philosophies of life. Many of the very early feminists were good, God-fearing women who worked for the right to vote.  They were very vocal, but not unorthodox as many who joined them later on.

You are young and have many things to learn yet.  Youth is great and your energy and ideas are very needed in a society.  But they still have much to learn, also.  Much of it is by doing, not from a book or someone else’s ideas or experiences..  Many or these issues I have struggled and dealt with in my own life over time.  Youth is always very optimistic and think they can change everything if they just work/try hard enough.  But without a good foundation for Biblical values this is impossible in a society.  Many time our good works fail, as we are doing them without God’s help…just on our own.

Many of my generation enjoyed the right to vote, but did not want to take over the role of men in our society.  We wanted the right to be mothers at home, respect our husbands as well as the opportunity to do something in the workplace if we chose. We didn’t feel any of this was wrong or demeaning.  In fact, most of us were taught that the most rewarding things we could do was raise children who are a benefit to our society and a credit to the family.  WWII was a big turning point here, as so many women were forced into the workplace to survive, both financially and in the war effort.  Many liked the idea of making their own money and not being dependent on a man to help raise their family.  This sounds good, but is not God’s way.  And I have seen far too many times over the years when we break God’s laws, we have to suffer some hard consequences…as a family, or as a society.  After the War many radical feminists came along and usurped the cause of women’s rights and turned it into a war against men, or against women who wanted to have a home and raise a family.

Many radical feminists think/thought that the only way to be truly freed from whatever they thought their bondage was, was to be equal to or usually better than men…maybe not always in what they said, but in the way they acted.  They thought men had to be put down in order for women to be brought up to their idea of what was “fair”.  A woman would be much more “successful” if they could do something “meaningful” like be an engineer, lead a company or whatever, especially if they could do it better than men could or have done it.  (About financial equity here, there are laws in every state that require women to be paid the same for the same job, hours and level.  If someone has a beef, they need to prove this is not happening and get it fixed.)

I understand that many women have been hurt by men over the ages.  This seems to be at the root of much of the radical feminist agenda.  This has always been wrong and not what God planned for men and women, ever!  I know that many men have done bad things…but not all men can be put in that category.  (One quote I found on the definition of feminism is …”[Feminists are] just women who don’t want to be treated like …..” Su, an Australian woman interviewed for the 1996 anthology DIY Feminism.) I feel many feminists have been out to “get even” with men who have hurt them by hurting other men who had nothing to do with what happened to them.  Sometimes vengeance is a huge part of trying to get back at others who have hurt them.  Some of these women have gone on to become teachers in our colleges and continue to pass on their feelings to their students to get them involved in their “crusade” against the “evil” which hurt them.  I feel like this is a large reason for the growth in lesbianism…people trying to get even with someone who hurt them.  (Also, like it or not, many main stream women have not been as involved in the movement, because often the leadership of feminism has been very vindictive or lesbian.)  God has a better way… “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord, I will repay.”  The problem is that God doesn’t do things OUR way, or on OUR timetable and so we give up on Him and try to take care of things ourselves.  We all have many people to forgive in our lives and many who need to forgive us for something we have done.  But we can’t do that for another person, only for ourselves.

Many feminist demeaned motherhood as a bad choice and made it sound like children were not worth spending one’s time at home to raise.  Many were never married, some didn’t even want children or didn’t like them, and yet they thought we should listen when they told us how to raise our children! Margaret Sanger was a big advocate for abortion and wanted to euthanize black babies and sterilize black women so they would not grow to a significant number in the country.  Abortion seems to say, to me, that women/families aren’t able to take care of themselves.  So we get rid of the most innocent ones instead of seeking God’s help in doing what is right.  Sanger believed in survival of the fittest.  Those who can’t take care of themselves don’t deserve to live.  (The real story of her life is a sad story of what happens when one seeks to live without God directing their life.)  Gloria Steinum, Betty Friedan and others, were the ones who were around when I was in college etc. and they didn’t stand for anything I was interested in.  They were just not women I wanted to look up to or follow.  Yet they wanted to control my life and my ideas, and my wanting to raise my children as the Bible taught.

Some other things I see in the feminist agenda that I don’t like or want to happen in America.  I am using the term “radical feminists” as they are the ones that want to change our society for the worse and control men.  I am not against feminists who want equity between men and women.  I am against women who want to control men they way THEY want.

1. Radical feminists are very pro-abortion…if a baby doesn’t fit into “OUR” plans, get rid of it.
       There is not right to life for a baby…only for the mother.  We have just been thru this with Sara’s new baby.  Melody is on month old and has spina bifida.  “They” at the hospital had to tell her that she had a      right to get rid of her baby if she didn’t want to put up with spina bifida!  I realize this is for the protection of the hospital…but it is a result of the feminist movement.  Power to control other’s speech/body.

2. Radical feminists want women to be out of the home and in the workplace to help their agenda.  This I have witnessed over my life.  It is better to work and make money than be home with your babies.  They can be raised by anyone.  This permeated much of the 60’s and ’70’s.

3. Radical feminists did not count on women wanting to become mothers as much as women do.  So now they push single parenthood as equal to a home with two loving parents.  This is not God’s plan for the family so inevitably will not work, but for the grace of God stepping into the situation and women   letting God be a “father to the fatherless”.

4. Radical feminists want to control college classes with their dogma.  This is partly why we are in the mess   we are in with our propagandized young people in many areas, whether they realize it or not.  This goes         right on up to the White House as our president has been propagandized for many years by only one       side of the issues.  He refuses to listen to any other viewpoint.  nyone who opposes the radical feminist  agenda (or President Obama’s issues)  must be gotten rid of.  This is not the sharing of ideas as should be taught on campus or in our Republic.  (When I was in college…all sides of an issue were presented        fairly and often debated.  Then we were challenged to choose which one we believed was right.  Not      “right for us” but Right according to God’s laws

5. “Right for me/us” is the mantra of many of the younger generation especially.  They have not been taught that there IS Right and Wrong and they only need to care about what is “right for them”.  This is selfish,  self-serving and very detrimental to God’s laws and ultimately our society for failing to follow God’s laws.

Part II

6. Radical feminists want to get rid of all sexual mores of the past…ie. The Bible…and do whatever they want to do sexually.  Here again is a desire to outdo men, partly due to the gross nature of ungodly    mankind…but women demean themselves in their process.   Part of this is pushing the sex before marriage and the homosexual agenda in the schools against the will of many of our citizens. They don’t   even want to debate the issue, just push it through.

       One thing I will never understand about some women.  Many think they are getting the best of men or life when they give themselves to sexual episodes/laisons/affairs before marriage.  What they are really    doing is being  a free whore for a male.  They do this and then blame the man?   We were taught that    women are special and have something special to save for marriage and if the guy doesn’t like it, send him on his way.  Women don’t have to be whores for all the boys out there that try to convince women they love them in order to get sex.  This is as old as mankind!  Women need to be the standard bearers and wait until marriage for sex.  Of course, I think men have a responsibility here, too…but that is not taught in our society either.  I hate that double-standard, too.  Women need to be strong in this area, but many have not held their men to this standard and pay the consequences, too with illegitimate babies who have to be brought up without a father, many times.   There are men out there willing to do things God’s way so wait for the one God has for you. Our son and daughter both waited for sex within marriage and they have wonderful marriages.  They were 26 and 24 respectively when they got married.

Stephen didn’t even kiss Georgia till they were engaged! I can’t say that, but I am thankful that God   helped me to save sex for marriage and we have had 43 wonderful years together so far…thanks be to      God.  God honors those who seek to follow Him.  I feel so sad for the havoc that sex outside of marriage        has brought on relationships and marriages in our society.  And many are paying the consequences        today.  I know too many of them.  All because people refused to do things God’s way.
7. Many radical feminists mock all things sacred, the Bible, the church, people who believe these things.  Yet,         ultimately they will answer to the God of the universe for their denial.  The Bible says “So then, each of      us will give an account of himself to God.” Romans 14:12:  and “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.” Hebrews 4:12-14

8. Radical feminists want co-ed bathrooms…a biggy on their list and a mystery to me.  Except, here again, is    the idea of competition with men… “women can do everything men can do and better.”

9. Radical feminists claim that 30% of women who seek care in emergency rooms do so because they have been      involved in a domestic violence altercation..  Statistics culled from the Department of Justice tell a different        story:  less than one percent of the women who visit emergency rooms do so because a boyfriend or husband has beaten them.

10.  Most radical feminists will not allow dialogue with conservative women or come to the defense of conservative women who have been scorned by the media. They will only allow dialogue with women   they agree with.  The lack of allowing opposing ideas in our society is causing many problems and seeking to get everyone walking to the beat of the same drummer.  It is not about equity, but about   power.

Today it seems like the radical feminists are just doing silly things in order to get noticed.  I am a member of Concerned Women for America who speak for many more women in America than NOW.  I am against men-hating, far-left “gender” feminists who have taken over women’s studies programs and the women’s movement.  I am not against “equity” feminists who merely want equal rights between the sexes.  Some silly radical feminist quotes I found are:   “Women are from Venus, men are from hell,” is the motto of gender militants.  If someone sneezes, the politically correct say, “Goddess, bless you.”  Lexington, Massachusetts high school principal insists on being identified as a “princessipal”.

Much of this feminism attitude is and extension of evolution.  IF we just evolved, there is not God, there is no Bible that is our instruction book of how we should live…then we are NOT accountable to anyone, there is no God so we can do our own thing and not have to give an account to anyone.

The bottom line is that “Life is not Fair” and only God is truly just and He will judge those who have not followed His teachings.  We cannot right all the wrongs of life on this earth.  Satan is the author of sin and darkness.  He LOVES to see us sin and keep on sinning as then he can keep us from going to spend eternity with Jesus which he ultimately hates the most.  So he does not care for anyone, but he makes things look so attractive to tempt people away from God.  But in the end, he just wants them to go to Hell so he can thumb his nose at Jesus and say ….na..;!

-Z-, I have a couple of questions?  What is your take on feminism?  You have definitely heard mine…if you took time to read this.  Also, are there things in your parent’s relationship that you viewed as bad and you are trying to do better, or has it been things you have been taught in high school and college by teachers who were pushing an agenda?  We always enjoyed your parents very much.  They were a great couple in our view from the outside and had much to pass on to you.  Your father was good to you and wanted the best for you.  To me these things should not make you want to run to a feminist agenda.  You have so much, you don’t need to put they control and vengeance issues into your life.  They will just bring you trouble, not joy.  Have you been hurt by a guy who has caused you to not like men…and feel the need to be a part of the radical feminist agenda, if you are?  I don’t need answers to these, I just want you to think about where you are.  May save you some years of hurt in the future.

I would encourage you to read your Bible and see what God has to say about all of these issues.  God loves you so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus, to come to this earth and die for our sins.  If you would have been the only person on earth.  Jesus would have died for you.  He loves you more than anyone else ever did, does, can or will.  True happiness for you will only come through submitting your life to Him and His Word.  This is what I wish the most for all of my students that they will submit to God.  Then He will give you a life far above and beyond what you have ever dreamed.  Some may be good and some bad, but He will go with you through it all.

Love, Fifth Grade Teacher


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