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i’m getting really sick of this mainstreamed misogyny shit. ~.m. by maria b.

a.k.a. the GOP

so, i understand that misogyny is a part of American culture, as much as i detest it (and sometimes, admittedly, find funny.) but i didn’t understand that it was a part of our fucking government. jesus christ, are these guys for real??

rep. pete sessions (r-tx) said in a Rules Committee meeting this past Friday that healthcare coverage for women (“female-related conditions”) was like healthcare coverage for smokers. from Politico:

” ‘Why should a woman pay more than a man?’ asked New Jersey Democrat Frank Pallone, according to the Courthouse News Service.

‘Well, we’re all different,’ Sessions explained. “Why should a smoker pay more?” he said before interrupted.”

yeah, having a uterus is like having a nasty habit that you choose to start. it’s like saying homosexuality is a choice. these people are grasping at straws.

let’s go into depth just a bit further with this. so: suppose being a women is a pre-existing condition (WHICH IT’S NOT), then her prenatal health care is likely not covered, it being a “female-related condition” and all. which will lead to lower birth weights, higher incidence of childbirth complications, higher infant mortality, higher maternal mortality, higher rates of developmental disabilities, etc., etc., which all end up costing taxpayers–say it with me–MORE MONEY. there’s conservative values for you. socially conservative does not equal fiscally conservative. it’s just a fact.

(see if you can figure how the argument for abstinence-only education parallels this. hint: it’s all over in previous posts here at our blog. another hint: if you’re here, you already know the answer and you probably already agree with us.)

but as i mentioned, i see this as part of a trend. also this weekend, more House republicans conducted themselves like snotty 4-year-olds while the Democratic Women’s Caucus talked about how women may be helped by the health care bill.

On Saturday morning, a group of House Republicans — led by Rep. Tom Price (R-Georgia) — attempted to stop the Democratic Women’s Caucus from making their arguments about how the health bill would benefit women by screaming over them.

Rep. Lois Capps (D-Calif.) only had time to say “Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to–,” before Price shouted “I object.” The presiding chair, Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) made gestures to maintain control, declaring that “the request is not yet before the House” and that Price was “out of order,” to little effect. Capps attempted to go on, but Price continued shouting “I object! I object! I object!”

now, it’s likely that these petulant right-wing elites are just as rude to everybody on the other side of the aisle, but the condescension by him and his party for these women and their principles is palpable. besides, if this closed-minded misogynist is so confident that he and his party are right about everything, why can’t they just let these women say their piece?

and let’s not forget last month, when the NRCC said that General McChrystal should “put her in her place” (speaking of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi–the first women Speaker ever.) if that doesn’t smack of sexism, i don’t know what does. i mean, try to imagine the NRCC saying that about Harry Reid or even Obama.

another list of a few issues that smack of misogyny:

  • abortion (it’s implicit–we women don’t deserve autonomy over our own bodies–the menfolk really ought to step in and tell us what’s best for us.)
  • access to affordable contraceptives and family planning services–(see above.) at last count, the CDC said that half of sexually active women depend on Title X clinics or other subsidies for their contraceptives. these same women are the most likely to get pregnant and least likely to be able to afford an abortion or to afford to be able to raise a child. (but having an abortion is cheaper! so we can’t let them do that!)
  • practically all large-scale sex education programs in America–Jessica Valenti (who is awesome) pointed out on Alan Colmes’ radio show: “if you look at a lot of the messages that are contained in abstinence-only [sex] education classes, they’re really  shame-based. and the shame-based messages are overwhelmingly directed at young women. young women are taught that their entire worth is tied to whether or not they have sex…shame-based messaging is completely sexist and completely directed at young women. we should be teaching our daughters that their ability to be good people is dependent on their intelligence, their kindness and their compassion, not on whether or not they have sex.” men are men, regardless of their sexual activities (or lack thereof), but women who have sex are dirty whores who deserve STIs and to be tied down by babies. but i’ll be damned if we pay for your prenatal care, postnatal care, your child’s education, your education or your groceries. you fucking mooch. mooch-whore.
  • wardrobe–how many cracks have i heard about Hilary Clinton’s pantsuits? Pelosi’s botox? Michele Obama’s shorts/sleeveless dresses/belts? these women can’t be taken seriously unless they–well, they can’t! because they’re women! ha!
  • just being a woman–people showed up to Hilary Clinton’s campaign stops with signs saying “iron my shirt,” people in the media calling her “shrill” and whatnot. i’m not saying that sexist comments weren’t made by the left toward sarah palin, however i will say that people on the right were just as sexist toward her (“sexy sarah,” anyone? even they couldn’t take her policy positions seriously.)

now, i’m not trying to get into a discussion or debate about feminism (lord knows we’ve done that enough already.) besides, -Z- had a post about that a bit ago that addressed a lot of these ideas. what i’m talking about it the legislation of misogyny into law. we need to stop letting people say things and do things that degrade and condescend to us.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokeswoman Jennifer Crider put it pretty well when she said this of sessions’ asinine comparison of uterus ownership (yes, ownership) to smoking:

“First, the NRCC says that a man ought to put the first woman Speaker of the House ‘in her place.’ …I don’t know what’s scarier, whether NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions actually believes women are second class citizens or whether he believes it’s politically beneficial for the NRCC to say so.”


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here ya go…

Comment by lwdewhirst

i don’t know what your youtube video means. use your words. and you’ll probably need spell-check, too.

Comment by masakosan

M-you are great. And so right. It’s too early in the morning for me to even be thinking about shit like this because it pisses me off. But I totally agree with you.

Comment by Katie

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