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quote of the week: Nov. 15, 2009. ~.m. by maria b.

“[T]here’s no better training ground for politics than motherhood.”

-Sarah Palin, in Going Rogue

i feel like–maybe–we ought to ask Hilary what she thinks on that. maybe sexy sarah thinks that because she went and had five kids because the Bible told her to do her husband’s bidding and not to use any contraception and lost control of her home… but let’s humor her and briefly compare motherhood and politics. the old joke about politicians and diapers notwithstanding, how the fuck could she seriously make that comparison??

i need one of two things to happen: she needs to retire to Alaska and never be heard from again, or become a pariah in American media, held up for ridicule and for laughs. by everybody, not just the Left.

runner-up quote after the jump!

“I breathed in an autumn bouquet that combined everything small-town America with rugged splashes of the Last Frontier.”

– also Sarah Palin, in Going Rogue.


a couple of my favorite palin pictures from the interwebz, just because i’m all hopped up on loathing this backwards woman:

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I’m a big fan of when she told Oprah that she thought the Katie Couric interview would just be two soccer moms chatting and she didn’t understand why Katie started talking politics. Sweet Jesus.

Comment by Katie

i know! this woman wants to be taken seriously as a candidate for VICE PRESIDENT, and she claims to have thought that the interview was going to be “workin’ moms” talking about raising teenage daughters or some such shit. yeah, because that’s what voters wanted to hear Palin talk about in the midst of a PRESIDENTIAL election and the cratering of the world economy. i’m sure any foreign OR domestic policy she might have attempted to implement would have been as successful as the sex education of her eldest teenage daughter. (read: trainwreck) soooo, maybe it could have been metaphorically relevant? but probably definitely not.

and while i’m all worked up from ranting about how much i can’t stand her, i’m getting really tired of Palin whining about double standards used against her when the most prolific user of double standards relating to Palin is herself. it’s sexism when people have legitimate intellectual criticisms of her ideas (or lack thereof), but when people call her “Sexy Sarah” it’s all cool. stupid can’t have it both ways. ugh. i’m disgusted.

p.s. it makes it especially hard for me that, not more than a couple weeks ago, my own dear mother told me she considers Palin a legitimate and intelligent political figure. needless to say, the conversation deteriorated from there.

Comment by masakosan

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