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Adventures of Toitle by -Z-

Toitle was geeking all night!

My friend, Brochardt, and I got these little animals in a 25 cent machine some months back.  Mine’s a Turtle, hers is a Lobster.  Needless to say, Toitle the Turtle gets into lots of trouble.  He’s the Lindsay Lohan trainwreck of tiny plastic animals.  I can’t keep him out of trouble.  Mistaking sugar for coke lines, trying to steal cigs from people, little green crotch shots for the paparazzi, trying to swim in my coffee in the morning at work….  Lobster is much more conservative than Toitle, I can tell you that much.


Aaaaawesome by -Z-

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Mouse Path – So Fun! by -Z-
February 8, 2010, 2:18 pm
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I’ve been amusing myself with this program, Mouse Path all day.  It’s a simple click of a button and your cursor is followed visually all day long.  It’s like making art, without any effort! The dots are created when your mouse is idle, the longer it is in one spot, the larger the dot toggle. So fun!!

European Union Works to Combat Domestic Violence by -Z-
January 11, 2010, 7:56 pm
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The European Union has taken initiative in drafting a bill creating a policy that will enact a European protection order for women in domestic violence situations.  The order would essentially mean that protection orders against abusers would translate across European borders.  Interestingly enough, the U.S. does this on a state by state basis, meaning that abusers can follow their victims across state lines.  

I don’t want to jump the gun and get too excited about this, because nothing’s been passed yet.  In addition, it is difficult to get international law passed due to navigating different legal systems.  But when legislators (who in this case, are mostly men) are talking about this issue, it’s pretty great. 

The Guardian has it HERE.

I Can Has This? by -Z-
January 10, 2010, 3:05 pm
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I’m getting really sick of walking to work in cold weather.  What I need is a giant koala bear that I can latch on to, who will take me back and forth to the office.  I’m sure the eucalyptus air freshener smell of him would just make the trip that much more pleasant.

Totally Random Mix-Tape by -Z-
December 30, 2009, 9:54 pm
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I think I saw someone do this on Feministing.  And I dug it.  You hop on your iTunes and pick 18 completely random songs.  Once, a boy left his iPod at my house. I looked through it. I felt like I had read his diary, scrolling through his playlists and songs and artists and Most Recently Played.  Music- How Personal.  I digress…this isn’t meant to be personal, this is meant to be fun! 

  1. “Becky” ~ Be Your Own Pet
  2. “Tie My Hands” ~ Lil Wayne ft. Robin Thicke
  3. “Do You Dream At All” ~ Tilly and the Wall
  4. “Barely Legal” ~ The Strokes
  5. “Next Lifetime” ~ Erykah Badu
  6. “Black Mags” ~ The Cool Kids
  7. “Beautiful Nightmare” ~ Beyonce (Oh Man. Guilty Pleasure.)
  8. “Black and Gold” ~ Sam Sparro
  9. “When Doves Cry” ~ Prince (I love Prince…it was bound to pop up!) 
  10.  “I Wasn’t Made for Fighting” ~ Woodhands
  11. “Radio Christiane” ~ The Virgins
  12. “Until We Bleed” ~ Kleerup ft. Lykke Li
  13. “All Is Love” ~ Karen O and The Kids
  14. “Ava Adore” ~ Smashing Pumpkins (Member that?)
  15. “Complexity” ~ The Roots ft. Jill Scott
  16. “Come On Eileen” ~ The Cure
  17. “Parisien du Nord” ~ Alliance Ethnik
  18. “Labios Compartidos” ~ Mana

Ok. Done. Methinks you would never want to actually make a CD out of that.  It would be quite disjointed.

This Put My Life In Perspective. -Z-

Dallas Cowboys DeMarcus Ware should officially not be allowed to make this face.  After signing a contract for 78 millies, ESPN has  created a tragic fun salary cruncher that puts normal human salaries in perspective. 

In light of being in the midst of negotiating my own salary during a recession, I thought this was an appropriate, albeit tear inducing post.