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Bc I Love My HLM by -Z- by -Z-
Vroom bitches.

Vroom bitches.

Good morning, .m. You are welcome.


STFU Indeed! -Z- by -Z-

This morning, I was browsing around on Facebook.  How great is that mini feed?  Knowing every inane detail of every person’s life?  I don’t status update much, if at all.  But I do a little revelling in other people’s status updates.  Why?  Because they are 99% of the time asinine.

A hot mess of a girl I know had the following status update:

ST is wondering why she is the only one left in her class without a husband and kids. What used to be so scary is now what I want!!!

Click MORE for .m. and my text conversation regarding this horror story of a status update AAAAND a great website that Devrah sent me that corresponds!  AFTER THE JUMP! GO!

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Stuffs I Dig Archive #1 by -Z- by -Z-

In one of the Notepad sections of my iPhone, I save quotes and quirky things that I especially like or want to remember (my friends will all attest to my shitty memory).  It’s titled “Stuffs I Dig”.

The following is a message I saved that was sent to me via chat by my ex boyfriend because he was mad I had broken up with him:

You have friends but ones who leave u because u are not adamant

Yeah, .m. and I don’t know what the shit that means, either.  He’s like a bad Japanese t-shirt.  I’d wear that shit, though, if someone made it for me.

sarah palin: the jessica simpson of politics. ~.m. by maria b.

yep, i still loathe sarah palin.

i don’t really remember how much -Z- and i have expounded on how repulsive we find this woman, but i feel the need to go off on it right now.

i just finished reading a really interesting article on her, and there were two things i really liked about it: 1) it fleshed her out as someone who “takes disagreements personally, and swiftly deals vengeance on enemies, real or perceived” (not a particularly effective mindset for someone who wants to succeed in national politics, i’d say), and 2) the author, Todd S. Purdum, arrived at his conclusions about her from doing what seems to be pretty thorough research and interviews with people who have known her since before she was on the Wasilla City Council.

i know that Sarah Palin (and her ilk) will read hear about this article and decry it as some kind of image-assassination attempt by the “evil liberal media” who intend to hamstring Palin and the conservatives’ “right to free speech.” Continue reading