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high points and low points from this past week. ~.m. by maria b.



  • Alito revealed in this week’s SOTU his political leanings (like we didn’t know.) the hypocrisy from the right is incredulous, overdramatic, hypocritical and unsurprising.
  • more right wing hypocrisy, this time re: Hawaii.
  • paul shirley, former NBA player for the Bulls, is an asshole, elitist, bigot and all-round piece of shit. his post begins: “I don’t know if what I’m about to write makes me a monster.” so he’s already questioning his ideas. short answer: fuck yes, go fuck yourself. with a condom, obviously. this is so wrong i don’t even know where to begin.
  • iPad: haha, women have periods. eeeeww! so gross! get over it. it’s a fucking computer. (nuanced point: i think it’s funny to joke about how Apple might market tampons and pads, but this reaction smacks of second-grade humor. “they said ‘pad’! teehee!)
  • Howard Zinn & J.D. Salinger bite the dust. bummer.

quote of the week: Nov. 15, 2009. ~.m. by maria b.

“[T]here’s no better training ground for politics than motherhood.”

-Sarah Palin, in Going Rogue

i feel like–maybe–we ought to ask Hilary what she thinks on that. maybe sexy sarah thinks that because she went and had five kids because the Bible told her to do her husband’s bidding and not to use any contraception and lost control of her home… but let’s humor her and briefly compare motherhood and politics. the old joke about politicians and diapers notwithstanding, how the fuck could she seriously make that comparison??

i need one of two things to happen: she needs to retire to Alaska and never be heard from again, or become a pariah in American media, held up for ridicule and for laughs. by everybody, not just the Left.

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books that make you dumb. -jb- by jig burn


books and average SAT scores

books and average SAT scores

Virgil Griffith from Caltech compiled this data and correlation straight from facebook.
broke down all the data every which way here.
[harry potter beats the bible]

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH AMAZON??? ~.m. by maria b.

i’m not going to spend too much time here trying to explain the details of this thing (cuz Jezebel does it way better), but generally speaking, what’s happening is this: a lot of LGBT books on Amazon (both LGBT authors and LGBT topics) are being stripped of their bestseller rankings and classified as “Adult” books, making them more difficult to find and buy. in addition, there seems to be a troubling double standard in the selection of the books classified as “Adult.” for example, Ellen DeGeneres’ biography is classified as “Adult,” but Ron Jeremy’s is not. here’s an excerpt from the Jezebel post by hortense:

[D]ue to the removal of sales rankings, the first title that pops up when one searches “homosexuality” on Amazon is the aforementioned A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality. Also in the top 10 when one searches for “homosexuality:” Coming Out Of Sexuality: New Freedom For Men And WomenCan Homosexuality Be Healed?, and When Homosexuality Hits Home: What To Do When A Loved One Says They’re Gay, which carries this description: “The heart–wrenching declaration that a loved one is a homosexual is increasingly being heard in Christian households across America. How can this be? What went wrong? Is there a cure?” 

so, WTF??? i’m pissed about this. i haven’t done the necessary research to figure out who’s responsible, but i’m also curious about why?? presumably, these books have been in the rankings since their publication, so why re-classify them now? is this some kind of bitter act of retribution in response to the recent gay marriage victories? the more i think about it, the angrier i get. seriously, WTF??? the trend indicated by which books are and are not classified as “Adult” is disturbing. i haven’t done the research, but who owns and runs WHAT is going on with these people?