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remember chris klein? me neither. ~.m. by maria b.

…until i saw THIS. apparently it went viral on the interwebz until NBC Universal tried to get them all taken down.

i mostly felt bad for the guy because that video was SO BAD. i figured he’d crawl back into that hole he’s been in for the past 10 years and never be heard from again. but, to his credit, he did exactly the opposite of what would be expected of someone whose “talent” was exposed as so incredibly sub-par. and i gotta say, well done. now i will re-commence forgetting about this person.


Betty White was AWESOME on snl–now it’s Carol Burnett’s turn! ~.m. by maria b.

there’s a facebook campaign to get Carol Burnett to host SNL. i’ve seen re-runs of the Carol Burnett Show and her performances in some movies, and she is fucking brilliant. guaranteed her SNL would be at least as good as Betty White’s. sign up for the group and make it happen!