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Here I Is To Essplain da Cheezburgers! -Z- by -Z-
Oh Nom.

Oh Nom.

I am a lover of cheeseburgers. And a hater of marriage!  I’ve never been the kind of girl that would a.) get married or b.) “plan my wedding since I was twelve” but I would sure as shit marry someone for some sweet cheeseburger gear… My cheeseburger wedding after the jump! Continue reading

my contributions to earth day 2009 by jig burn

i will smoke one less cigarette.

i only smoke when i drink...i swear

"i only smoke when i drink...i swear"

unlike this asshole who makes my people look like fools.


Candy Raisins: deviant morsels for culinary masochists. ~.m. by maria b.


look at that prick sun.

ok, so i’ve been around a couple decades. i’ve been to more than my fair share of grocery stores and gas stations and investigated every candy aisle i’ve found. but for some reason, when i went today, i saw Candy Raisins for the first time in my life. which doesn’t make sense, cuz they’ve been around since 1976.

first of all, Candy Raisins???? who the fuck thought of that? i have a hard enough time choking real ones down without oatmeal or a cookie accompaniment.  but candy raisins? what kind of sick fuck came up with that?

the brand Web site says “[t]he flavor of this transluscent, honey colored juju is a trade secret but it is ‘reminiscent’ of the palate that enjoyed violet candy and lilac soda pop.” i’ve tried flowery flavored things in America, but the Europeans are the only ones that do that shit right. so bull-fucking-shit, Candy Raisins. i call your bluff.

i’d rather eat Circus Peanuts or pork rinds before trying “Candy Raisins”? so, what’s the deal? have you seen these? have you eaten them? wtf?? somebody explain these to me. please.

And the Award Goes To…”Fat Squirrel” by New Glarus -Z- by -Z-
March 19, 2009, 1:54 pm
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I’m on a bowling team every Monday night.  Our team’s favorite beer is Fat Squirrel by New Glarus.  For some reason, though, on the nights we decide to buy pitcher(s) of Fat Squirrel, our bowling scores always drop substantially (compared to when we drink any other kind of beer). 

The above video is pretty concise when describing what our team looks like when we sink into the deliciousness of the Fat Squirrel. You become a Fat (Drunk) Squirrel.  Have our dwindling bowling scores and impaired coordination stopped us from drinking this heady refreshment? Not. At. All.