Pinky Links

dick slang. ~.m. by maria b.

i never thought i could see so much of a dick without actually seeing any dick.

p.s. this dance would never work with denim, so if this catches on there’ll be a lot of basketball shorts and cotton sweatpants in da club…

happy earth day! ~.m. by maria b.

it is again Earth Day–the 40th one, incidentally. so just don’t be a dick. personally, i’m anal about recycling, keeping lights off when i’m not using them and biking when i can instead of driving.

also, i want to mention the movie The Cove. it won the “Best Documentary” Oscar this year and is disgustingly hard to watch. it tells the story of Taiji, Japan, a fishing town where every year thousands of dolphins are brutally killed for meat (and a select few are captured for captivity.) all the water in the cove is literally bright red with dolphin blood. the movie shows the dolphins being driven into the cove, then dying slow deaths after being beaten and stabbed by the fishermen. it’s unbelievably cruel, but this is compounded with the fact that dolphins have consciousness–they communicate and they are like people in that they are intelligent and self-aware. they are the only wild animal to ever save a person’s life.

so i would ask whoever is unfortunate enough to find this blog to please go to and sign the petition to support ending this yearly slaughter of the dolphins in Taiji. they’re shooting for a million signatures, and they say they’re close to getting there. there’s also a video on the site that’s a PSA with a bunch of celebrities extolling you to support the cause. i would have put it here, but it’s way overdramatic. however, there’s just enough of a clip in it to give you an idea of the process of the dolphin slaughter and make you sick to your stomach (a few seconds.) i would suggest clicking on it, but be warned: the video includes Hayden Panettiere. remember, it’s for the dolphins!

but i really don’t like Debbie-Downer Earth Day postings, so i’ll end with this:

the best rebuttal for the tebow super bowl ad: facts. ~.m. by maria b.

regardless of the plot behind the benign-looking ads themselves, the facts behind Pam Tebow’s extremely touching (/sarcasm) story–the facts about the risks of her pregnancy–are not rosy. this article at Slate points out that a significant portion of the women who made the same choice as Pam Tebow are not around to make commercials about their dangerous pregnancies and defiance of doctors’ advice because they, like the doctors warned they might, actually died.

sorry to be grim, but that’s the reality. the details of the Tebows’ story are in the article, but the gist of it is this: the stories of the many people who gambled and lost when they made the same decision as Pam Tebow do not get to tell their story because they’re, you know, deceased. just because one lady got lucky, lived through her risky pregnancy and had a healthy baby who then also defied the odds and won a Heisman trophy and will, in all likelihood, play in the NFL doesn’t mean that’s how all risky pregnancies play out.

they might as well have made a commercial about how everybody who buys a lottery ticket wins millions of dollars every time. or even $10 every time. sheesh. irresponsible, but hey, what do you expect from Focus on the Family?