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random thought. ~.m. by maria b.

i was running yesterday and i had my iPod blasting so all i could hear was Lady GaGa. and when i stopped to stretch i looked over my shoulder and saw a schizophrenic man shouting at people to give him change, except when i turned off my music, i realized that he was yelling at passersby that they needed their souls saved and that Jesus was the only true path to salvation. (he was not as organized as the guys above with the signs, he just had a fanny pack and a beard.) i’m gonna start a game with myself–street preacher or schizophrenic homeless person?

are people this lazy? are people this stupid?? ~.m. by maria b.

the claim: the pump on your soap dispenser harbors germs! ewwwwww!

the problem: you touch the pump, and the germs on it, when you dispense the soap to wash your icky hands! whatever shall you do?!?

the “solution”: this (presumably) battery-powered Lysol touchless soap dispenser will give you the antibacterial soap you need for your disgusting, disease-filled, germ-spreading hands without you having to touch a gross soap dispenser. it’s only 4 times more expensive than your old dispenser (batteries not included), uses more soap per “pump” and uses more batteries that are hardly ever disposed of properly. ta-da!

it’s perfect!

HOWEVER: has anyone realized that this is redundant with the use of any antibacterial soap? if you’re using antibacterial soap to wash your hands, why the FUCK do you need a touchless soap dispenser? the soap will kill the bacteria on your hands no matter what you touched before you lather up–INCLUDING the soap dispenser. did ANYONE at Lysol think of this? do the advertising and Lysol executives think people are that stupid? ARE people that stupid? UGH, Amurrikuh.

This Is Amuriikuuhhh by -Z- by -Z-

 This post over at Contexts made a legitimate point regarding how American media sources differ disturbingly from their International counterparts.

Americans are largely unaware of what is going around them in the world.  Why does American Media cater to ignorance in the United States? Why are Americans vastly unaware of the world around them, especially in comparison with their International peers?

.m. and I have had this discussion many a time. We’re both news junkies.  And to top that with a nice cherry, .m. also has her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.  Is American news media publishing fluff and bullshit to distract Americans, or will their mags, rags, and station(ags?), completely go under if they don’t?  The proverbial Chicken v. Egg if you will….  What will it take for American Journalism to get its’ balls back?

Bah! Fury, I has it.